In a Vase on Monday: Winter Dreams

It’s cold and icy outside, so in order to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with a vase this week I am using some dried flowers again.

These Echinops were picked last summer while still in their prime and have stood in this old maple syrup bottle ever since.
In the search for good (well, still not brilliant!) lighting I stood the jar in front of the book rest I have on my desk. I always have a page of one of my garden books open here, for inspiration. This picture is of a Piet Oudolf garden – I love the choice of plants and the focus on late summer flowers and grasses.

This week I have been reading about one of Oudolf’s most recent gardens, created just within Germany at the Vitra Campus, on the border to Switzerland and France. You can read about it here. It would be a 5 or 6 hour car drive for me, but one day I will have to visit.

In the meantime, I can dream!

Have a great week (and sweet gardening dreams). πŸ˜‰

36 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Winter Dreams

  1. What a wonderful double spread photo, and such a great setting for your echinops. I find the echinop heads start to disintegrate when I try to keep them – convenient if you want to collect the seeds though! It would certainly be more than a day trip to visit that garden, but I am sure you could combine it with something else for an overnight stop sometime – that’s the sort of thing we do, with the camper van

    • Well, with old Anouk it won’t be this year. (She hates the car and is not a sociable dog either!) But one day! I had the same problem with some of the Echinops seedheads I tried to keep – but these were still in full flower when picked and left in a dry vase. It worked, but even these are still rather fragile!

  2. Hey, I grew this as a cut flower crop in 1986, . . . but now that I think of it, have seen it only a few times since then. When I do notice them, I am impressed that there are a few cultivars.

  3. You and (Rambling) Cathy are in sync with the clever use of books as backgrounds this week! I love the Echinops and sincerely hope the 3 I planted in the fall will yield flowers this year. They’re not looking particularly vigorous at the moment but hope springs eternal.

  4. I love using the gardening book page as a backdrop, Cathy. So very clever. The Echniops is very attractive, and I’m hoping you begin to see signs of Spring before too long now!

    • Apart from the Hellebores (partially beneath snow!) there is no sign of life yet. But I will be sure to report when I see my first crocus. In fact you will probably hear my squeals of delight! LOL!

  5. Oh your photo captures summer sunshine Cathy. It was extremely cold here yesterday morning – too frosty for me to snip a few flowers for a vase. My dad used to grow echinops – such an intense blue. I do hope that you get to the garden you mention at some point in the future πŸ˜€

  6. Echinops have eluded me–must try to get some this year! I love your open book as a way to stay inspired! Great idea. And Oudolf is such an inspiration. Hope you get to visit that garden.

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