In a Vase on Monday: Thawing Out

The temperatures finally rose above freezing at the weekend after a week of snowy and icy weather. My garden looks terrible, with flattened grasses and muddy patches everywhere! Looking out of my window I can enjoy the view from a distance, but closer inspection is a little disheartening.

As the ground thaws my hellebores will perk up though, I hope. I managed to find some half decent ones for a vase today, along with some Cornus twigs and some Leucothoe which I have been protecting in my cold frame.


The grey winter skies have been pretty the last couple of days too.

And it is good to smell the earth and the scent of the pine trees again. We only need a little sunshine and warm breezes to dry things up and I will be able to do some tidying up before any spring bulbs start sprouting. I am itching to get out there!

In the meantime I will admire this sturdy little flower which has stood up to a heavy load of very wet snow and a week of permafrost. And yet it looks almost unscathed. 😃


Thanks to the host of this Monday meme, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, whose garden is currently looking gorgeous with snowdrops, hellebores, witch hazel and more. Do go and visit her! 😃

And have a great week!

35 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Thawing Out

  1. Your area looks lovely mine here in New Hampshire not so pretty. from warmth to -40F with windchill then more warmth and this week we will hit 60F NUTS my poor garlic will once again be ruined, I fear.

    • Yes, they are amazing plants, collapsing in the frosts and then standing up again as soon as it warms above freezing. Day in, day out! Hopefully the ground will thaw quickly as they are thirsty.

  2. Oh, that is a nice earthy color. I may have mentioned already that hellebores are uncommon here because they do not perform well. Some are naturalized at work, but they are not so pretty. I believe that they would be prettier with a bit more chill to slow their deterioration. Their pretty bloom in other regions is enviable.

  3. I think any garden as it thaws is beautiful…..the waking up with winter foliage and mud is such a welcome sight….and having a few blooms is even better. Love these photos!

    • Thank you Donna. Yes, I agree that mud is preferable to ice and snow. We are hoping that the really cold weather is over now, with a lot of milder days forecast in the next two weeks. Spring can’t be far off now. 😃

  4. The view looks like a pretty picture framed with the lights and the snowflakes on the window but I hope you do get the milder weather now. Mind you, the ground remained largely frozen here for several days after temperatures rose, even without any snow, so no doubt it will be the same for you. How lovely to still have vase of hellebores though – do let us know how well they last in your vase. Aren’t the pinky red stems beautiful?

    • I think I caught the hellebores at just the right time and they are lasting really well! There is still a couple of inches of snow in places in the garden, while the grass is showing through in other spots, so it will probably take a few more days before the ground really thaws.

  5. Those delicious red stems visible through the clear glass vase grabbed my attention, Cathy, nicely echoing the ruby color of the beautiful hellebore flowers. I’ve yet to see even a single bud from my own hellebores but I remain hopeful. Wishing you the sunshine and warm breezes you’re craving.

    • Thanks Kris. It is melting rapidly but there are still patches in the garden where it is still snowy and icy. I am just glad all that moisture is now seeping down to the roots of my plants! Good luck with the hellebores!

  6. Oh the lights around the window and the snowflakes adorning them must be so cheering on darker winter afternoons Cathy and what a tranquil view to gaze out on. Beautiful hellebore flowers and such glowing stems. I like the dinky cactus too 😀

    • The cactus has produced a second flower this winter! 😃 It looks like the sun might make an appearance tomorrow and I am already making mental lists of what needs attention first as soon as it dries up a bit!

  7. I like the red stems in the vase. Actually, I like sticks in arrangements just for the texture. The wonderful color adds another dimension. Hellebores are so pretty. I especially love the darker roses like yours and the pale chartreuse ones. Sending warmth from Florida.

  8. The view from your window is really beautiful, Cathy. I think that you can see any signs of thaw at all must be thrilling by this time in the year! My hellebores are starting to perk up, too! Lovely vase arrangement this week, my friend.

    • Thank you Debra. We haven’t had a frost for three nights now so it is getting greener literally by the minute as the snow melts. My hellebore is lasting well in the vase – it always seems to be luck if they last as they often just flop within hours!

  9. That hellebore is a really lovely, rich colour. Perfect with the dogwood stems. And what a gorgeous view from your window. It’s a great balance of garden, forest and sky, with endless variations in the different sections I imagine! 🙂

    • Thanks Allison. I am going to take the plunge soon and prune the dogwood for the first time, as they are now established shrubs. So red stems will fill a few vases I suspect!

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