In a Vase on Monday: Ice Blue

Last year I planted a few grape hyacinths in pots to bring indoors for forcing. On the one hand the experiment was not terribly successful, as the leaves and flower stems got leggy very quickly. But on the other hand I do now have nice long stems for a vase!

As you can see, I have bought myself ‘The Almanac’ for 2023 by Lia Leendertz and am enjoying dipping into it. Annette sent me a link a few weeks ago to the monthly podcast Lia does in cooperation with a perfume company: ‘As the Season Turns‘. It is a lovely way to spend half an hour with a cuppa and I definitely recommend it. The new episode for March should be available on March 1st. πŸ˜ƒ

My hyacinths (Muscari armeniacum) smell wonderful and although we have another dusting of snow at the moment (and an icy cold wind!), spring doesn’t seem quite so far away now.

Many thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme every week, rain or shine. I look forward to seeing what she and the other contributors have found to share today. πŸ˜ƒ

Hope you all have some warm sunshine this week!




40 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Ice Blue

  1. Oh that’s such a gorgeous blue Cathy πŸ˜€ I’ve bought Lia’s almanac yearly since the very first edition and usually read the relevant chapter at the beginning of each month. As well as her podcast she also brings out a most interesting free weekly newsletter via Substack which you can subscribe to.

  2. The grape hyacinths are lovely, Cathy! I planted the bulbs here years ago. They didn’t do much but, on the rare occasion, the bulb foliage shows up and, more uncommonly, sometimes a single bloom.

    • I suppose one bloom is better than none! I have varying success with bulbs as the rodents eat or disturb them, but Muscari are usually pretty reliable.

  3. This used to be a common perennial. By about 1976, it had become so profuse within the back garden at my mother’s home that I was instructed to eliminate it. I tried for years, and became so intent on accomplishing this seemingly simple task that merely containing a manageable colony of it was no longer an option. Eventually, my mother told me that she liked it, and wanted a bit of it to stay. That would have been useful information years earlier. Rather than eliminate the last few that remained, I pampered them. Then, . . . they died. Seriously! They somehow survived all those years that I tried to kill them, but died when I tried to cultivate them! A few more years later, nearly two years ago, while renovating the garden, I found a small clump that had both survived and evaded detection for a few years. Most of them are canned here now, and will eventually inhabit my garden, where they can naturalize and even become invasive if they want to.

  4. Isn’t it strange that without you even mentioning the name I guessed at the Perfume Company. I happen to have bought my first little bottle from them only a few weeks ago. I like your arrangement with the book in the background.

    • Ooh, how lovely Noelle! The perfumes all sound wonderful, and I like their concept. I rarely wear perfume but would be tempted to try theirs one day.

  5. The grape hyacinths look splendid in that elegant little vase. I’m glad you enjoy the podcast. You know thanks to all my creative little projects winter has just been flying by and for the first time I’m grateful it’s not quite over yet. In fact it’s very cold again. The dogs are huddled up by the fire and I shall join them in due course. 😁

    • It’s funny, but I feel the same way. I still have a few winter projects to get finished and although it was fabulous to have three sunny days outdoors, the return of icy winter temperatures was fine with me! (The north wind is pretty awful though!)

  6. The grape hyacinths are gorgeous, Cathy. And I really love the way you use the lovely photos as a backdrop. I was happily surprised to find that I have access to “As the Season Turns.” I’ve bookmarked it and will tune in. πŸ™‚

  7. The vase really does suit the muscari Cathy, even if you did buy it with snowdrops in mind! I used to buy muscari to pot up for the Coop but stopped doing it a couple of years ago – can’t remember if it was because they didn’t do especially well though. Hope you get more milder days to get on with your winter tasks – I have been trying to get some of those finished off too!

    • I don’t think I can do anything else outside yet except perhaps sow some radishes under cover. But the mild interlude last week was an opportunity to get the grasses cut and get ahead. My hopes for a warm March are fading!

      • Brrr – the UK is due some cold days and nights with probable snow this werk, but mostly in Scotland and northern England. Then temperatures are due to pick up again. Are you expecting snow too?

        • We are currently having snow flurries and that cold wind has come back! I am ready for spring now, but it is taking its time this year. Some of my hellebores have been scorched by a nasty frost we had last week. So I must see what I can find for a vase today….

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