In a Vase on Monday: Aqualegia

Yes, before anyone smirks, I know you don’t spell Aquilegia like that! 😛 But I want to draw your attention to how pretty they look when floated in aqua – water. 🤗

I am sure some of you have seen hellebore flowers floated; their faces so often point downwards when in a vase, but in this way we can see the intricate petals and stamens. The same goes for Aquilegias, and all the details of their pretty faces are revealed.

I started off in this garden with a couple of special Aquilegias… names long forgotten, and a packet of seeds, and this is the pretty mix I now have. 😃

I added some Pulsatilla seedheads and think they rather look like sea creatures, floating alongside the flowers.

You can find other Monday vases at Rambling in the Garden, where Cathy, our host, invites us to share a vase of flowers from our gardens. Thank you Cathy! 🤗

Wishing you all a week of happy moments in your gardens.