In a Vase on Monday: Everlasting Light

St. Lucy’s Day

A favourite Christmas carol of mine is ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’, and when I picked up some Everlasting flowers today to brighten up the dark Hellebore in my tiny vase, this line popped into my head:

Yet in thy dark streets shineth, the EVERLASTING light
The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight

Well, as I join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden on one of the darkest days of the year, I will light a few candles and try to imagine what my damp and grey garden will look like in Spring! (There is always HOPE)


Do pop over to Cathy’s blog to see what she has found in her garden to bring indoors. And I do hope your St. Lucy’s Day has been brighter than ours!

A Week of Flowers 2021, Day Seven

The Grand Finale!

Yes, today is the final day of my Week of Flowers and what a week it has been! 😃 This really has kept me busy over the past seven days, and in between packing up Christmas parcels for my family in England and chatting to them on Facetime I have been trying to keep up with the amazing flurry of flowery blogging activity. What fun!

Today I am sharing a mish-mash of favourites, starting with the Larkspur I grew from seed. Such a beautiful colour.

Another gorgeous purply blue is this Geranium, which I think is ‘Orion’. Not only did this flower almost non-stop, the autumn foliage is also really pretty.

All my asters are my favourites, with ‘Mönch’ near the top of the list. And when they faded the Chrysanthemum Anastasia took over and provided colour until the last week of November when we had snow and frost.

The last picture below captures the true blue of Salvia azurea, planted in the Moon Bed. It is a late bloomer, adding a final bit of flair to the garden in September. I think this is the bluest of any plant I have grown yet… no hint of purple at all. It matches the sky. 😃

Salvia azurea

So, once again a big thank you to all who have visited this past week. Many thanks also for all the kind comments, and a special thank you to those of you who took part and shared such a wide range of beautiful, cheerful and uplifting photos of plants and flowers, providing me with plenty of inspiration for the weeks to come. I have met a few new bloggers along the way, and there has been a wonderful hum of conversation about plants all week. I think this has raised not only my own spirits, but hopefully yours too.


Mission accomplished? 😉


(Same time, same place, next year! 😉)

In a Vase on Monday: Allium Praise

I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her Monday meme while also bathing in the glorious shower of flowery photos being posted on my Week of Flowers. I am a little behind with visits and comments, but as I write it is already getting dark and I will spend another pleasurable evening poring over my iPad, wrapped up in a blanket with a big mug of tea. 😃

My vase today is simple: an Allium seedhead


Actually, to be precise, Allium ‘Mount Everest’.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I found a lovely poem praising the Allium, and here is the opening line and a link to the full poem. It is rather charming, and by a poet I didn’t know of until now, Denise Levertov:

In Praise of Allium
by Denise Levertov
No one celebrates the allium.
The way each purposeful stem
ends in a globe, a domed umbel,
makes people think,
‘Drumsticks,’ and that’s that.

And this is what the Allium looked like when it was in flower. Only one remains standing now, but I managed to save a couple for vases. 😃

Have a lovely week everyone!

A Week of Flowers 2021, Day Six

It is Day Six of my Week of Flowers and I am soaking up all the colour my blogging friends are sharing! Tomorrow will be the final day of this meme. So if you haven’t joined in yet, please do! Just post a photo of a flower (or two) and leave a link below. 😃

The Moon Bed, August

Today the focus is on shapes. Two seedheads of the Allium ‘Everest’ were still standing in the Moon Bed (above) in August, amongst white Gaura, Cosmos and Nicotiana. The purple Alliums (below) didn’t last as long after flowering, but were perhaps more dramatic and visible while in flower.

Verbena has spread all over the garden now, and I really love the shape and height it adds. I leave it standing until it collapses in the frost or snow.. Then there is the Echinops ‘Veitch’s Blue’. It isn’t really blue, but near enough. Love those spiky flower heads. 😉 I tried perennial sweet peas on the obelisks this year, and they did really well, climbing almost to the top of the tallest one. Certainly pretty flowers, but I love the long tendrils and seedpods too. 💕

Thanks to all those who have joined in again today, and to all my other readers too. 🤗

A Week of Flowers 2021, Day Five

Time is flying by and we are on Day Five of my Week of Flowers. Please do join in if you would like to, and post a flowery photo or two (adding your link in the comments below) for the last few days of my now annual meme, intended to brighten up the drab winter days in the northern hemisphere. If you have missed the last four days, the links are in the sidebar. Enjoy!

Geum chiloense ‘Blazing Sunset’

I am in need of some warm colours today, so am sharing deep orange and red.

The Geum ‘Blazing Sunset’ is now in several spots in the garden. I grew a few plants from seed a few years ago and they have proved to be very resilient to whatever extremes of weather we get! One day, if I ever track one down, I would like the famous ‘Tangerine Dream’ Geum, which I first saw on the blog of our dear blogging friend Dorris, who took part in this meme last year. She very sadly passed away suddenly a week later. We never met, but she was a great inspiration to me, and a great gardener. 💕

The sunflower above is most probably Earth Walker and was a beauty. (Next year I will label the sunflowers!) The last photo is a Blanket Flower grown for the first time this summer. Sweet memories.

Wishing you all a warm cosy Advent Sunday and many thanks again for reading and/or joining in. This is doing me the world of good! 😃🤗

A Week of Flowers 2021, Day Four

It is already Day Four of my Week of Flowers where I invite you to join me in posting a flowery photo or two every day, through to 7th December. This time of year we in the northern hemisphere crave colour and light. What better way than to sift through photos of the past year and share them. Please join me if you can, and leave a link in the comments below. 😃

Lychnis coronaria, ‘Angel’s Blush’

I sowed these Lychnis in 2020 and this summer they flowered for the first time. They are very pretty and rather unusual, with their two-tone flowers. I must admit, however, that I prefer the deep pink ones. In fact, I do seem to have an awful lot of pink in my garden…..

Echinacea Green Envy was in its second year this summer and I am therefore optimistic it will survive long-term, unlike some of the more recent hybrids I have tried to grow. The Nigella was grown from seed and will no doubt pop up again this year, but I do always buy extra seed, as a year without any Nigella/Love-in-a-mist in the garden would be sad indeed!

Do you grow Nigella?

Thanks for reading and joining me today. Have a great weekend!


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