In a Vase on Monday: May Bouquet

Mondays (today a rather damp one) are cheered every week with this lovely meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

With glorious sunshine and temperatures climbing above the 20 degree mark I spent a lot of the weekend outdoors, also taking the opportunity to pick some wild flowers growing in various parts of the garden. I was especially pleased to see some Harebells as well as all the gorgeous Ragged Robin (which has an equally pretty name in German: Kuckucks-Lichtnelke, literally ‘cuckoo light carnation’).

I added some Euphorbia cyparissias, (spurge, or in German ‘wolf’s milk’ – Wolfsmilch), Leucanthemum vulgare (Moon Daisies), pink clover, cow parsley (just starting to open here) and buttercups as well as a few grasses.

Harebells always make me smile, as we have a lot of hares in this area and I like to imagine the hares playing with these flowers! 😉

From above you can see the variety of wild flowers and grasses a little better.

Click on the images below for a slideshow.

Thanks to Cathy and all the other vase makers brightening up the start to the week!

Visiting the ‘Old Garden’

Since moving further into the Bavarian countryside last year I have managed to keep up the ‘old garden’ and rockery at our village house and have been constantly surprised at how self-sufficient it is – a recent visit confirmed this yet again. Come and take a look with me.

The Acer and early peonies in the south-west rockery

The grasses, Lysimachia, perennial Geraniums and Golden Rod have already filled out this part of the rockery, suppressing the dreaded ground elder. An early peony is just showing a little colour. 🙂

THE rose that has probably been there since the house was built in the 70s has plenty of promising new growth and buds and some lovely Camassia are flowering in front of it. But the nicest thing in this picture below is the peony in the front, planted about five years ago. Paeonia itoh ‘Shining Light’ looks like it might finally flower this year at last – I can see two buds! It may be brought over to the new garden in autumn as it would love the Sunshine Bed I am creating, although I realise it might not flower again for a year or so after being moved.

Finally, out the front in my spring corner the perennial Honesty (Lunaria redivida) is flowering. The eliptical seedheads were featured in this Monday vase a few weeks ago, producing a lot of interest. I think most people only grow the annual which has round seedheads and flowers a little earlier.

Thanks for visiting. 🙂

In a Vase on Monday: A Spring Rainbow

I hope you have had the same beautiful weather we have had the past few days; it has been lovely seeing the trees slowly turning green and watching the fruit tree blossom opening. The first house martins returned last week and I am hoping the others will follow soon – I just love listening to them chattering in their nests under the eaves of the house and trying in vain to count them all as they fly and swoop across the yard. We had four nests last year and each pair must have had at least two broods. I wonder if they will all come back our way…

After a week in the UK and a bit of time off I am happy to be joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden again today for her Monday meme… with these beautiful tulips and some other spring flowers.

It was almost impossible to find somewhere for photos today as the wind has been extreme and relentless. Yet the tulips are still standing, some a little battered but I do admire their resilience!

The purple one on the left is Purple Dream – an old favourite which I intend to combine with lime green Euphorbia and red Heuchera next year after having seen a similar combination at Coton Manor Gardens in the UK last week. The orange one in the middle is Ballerina, which is a very popular one here, and the yellow one is one I have grown in my previous garden and love, both for its brilliant colour and its delicate shape – West Point. The pinched in ‘waist’ is more pronounced than Ballerina.

The smaller vase contains a small Purple Dream tulip, tulip Lilac Wonder, one pink and one red Bellis, some Muscari, Veronica Big Blue, white and blue anemones and somewhere hiding is a wild  chamomile flower already in bloom.

I am writing myself notes already for autumn bulbs for next year! My favourite tulip so far has been ‘Akebono’, which I unfortunately failed to photograph – a pale creamy yellow with frilly petals which develop a slight peachy pink hue at the base. What is your favourite tulip? And if you are a fan of tulips you must take a look at Ali’s latest post at The Mindful Gardener. Her photos are just gorgeous.

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In a Vase on Monday: Snow Day

Have you had snow?

Well, the snow plough managed to get through the woods this morning after we were snowed in all of yesterday –  all day Sunday it snowed heavily non-stop so we have about 40cm of fluffy white stuff with drifting too. Several trees and branches also came down across the road, which my Man of Many Talents is now dealing with. ☃️

Can you spot the herb bed in this view?

The colour of my flower for this week’s contribution to Cathy ‘s meme (Rambling in the Garden) is appropriate – snow white. The name is less fitting – ‘Alfresco’. I won’t be spending much time outdoors as, despite beautiful sunshine today, it is below freezing!

Hippeastrum Alfresco

Last week’s Amaryllis flower is now over but there are more to come!

Do visit Cathy to see what others are finding in the middle of winter to put in their vases.

Hope you are all getting some winter sunshine!