In a Vase on Monday: Herkules

Despite a dusting of snow and the cold temperatures (-10°C when I got up this morning!) I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her weekly meme. As you can imagine, there is nothing flowering outside now, but I do have a beautiful Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) indoors. Technically, it is not ‘In a Vase’, but since Cathy herself cheated a little bit this week, I am sure she will forgive me! 😉

This is Herkules, one of two I have planted this winter.

In these photos it is standing on the floor in front of my Christmas Tree, with the ‘skirt’ I crocheted to cover the base. 😃

I love this colour – a pale coral red, festive and cheerful.

The other one I planted at the same time (‘Red Peacock’) is showing no signs of life yet. Timing them seems to be impossible!

If you are in Northern Europe I hope you are staying warm and cosy. Have a great week!



A Week of Flowers 2022: Day Seven

My floral celebration draws to a close today, amd what a week it has been! There is a big smile on my face and I have learnt a lot, exchanged comments with both old and new blogging friends, and been inspired for future plantings and other floral projects. 🌸

Over a dozen blogging friends have joined me with a fantastic array of flowers from all over the world. From Agapanthus to Zinnia, we have probably covered the whole alphabet together. So let’s end on a high with a grand firework display of colour and flowers!

First some odds and ends which would look lovely planted together but are actually scattered around the garden…


And now a couple of wider shots of the Oval Bed with Centranthus ruber, Stipa tenuissima, Pulsatilla seedheads…

…. Alliums and a blue Persicaria

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who visited. To everyone who wrote a lovely comment. And especially to all those who participated in my third annual Week of Flowers. 💕

Same time, same place, next year! 🤗


Special thanks to:
















Anita and Jaye /




A Week of Flowers 2022: Day Six/In a Vase on Monday

Only two days remain of my Week of Flowers, where I invite you to join me with floral posts to cheer up the winter days and warm us all up a bit! So I will make the most of today and tomorrow and pack as many flowers into my posts as time allows!

Let’s start with a few peonies today. Firstly  the Itoh Peony ‘Shining Light’. I waited several years for this one to flower but it is now well-established and produced lots of flowers this summer!

Shining Light

This next one is Jan van Leeuwen, a lovely creamy white with a buttery yellow centre.

Jan van Leeuwen

This delicate pink one is Dancing Butterflies…

Dancing Butterflies

One of the best for fragrance, Sarah Bernhardt…

Sarah Bernhardt

And the cuckoo in the blue and white Moon Bed is this bright red one: Cuckoo’s Nest…

Cuckoo’s Nest

Well, today is a Monday, so I am also linking in to the wonderful In a Vase on Monday meme which is hosted by (another) Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. Cathy invites us to share flowers from our gardens in a vase each week. And since my garden is pretty much frozen at the moment I will share a few vases from the past year instead. I hope I will be forgiven for cheating today! As always, many thanks to Cathy for hosting.😃

Just choosing these photos has been uplifting and refreshing and I am already thinking of the gardening year to come!

One more day of my Week of Flowers tomorrow, so if you haven’t joined in yet, please do! Just post a flower or two from your 2022 garden and leave us a link below. Thanks to all and have a great Monday!

A week of Flowers 2022: Day Five

I am having a great time sifting through garden photos and viewing all the fabulous flowery posts some of you have been sharing for my ‘Week of Flowers’. Designed to chase away the grey and chill of these December days, it is open to everyone. So feel free to join in and simply post a flowery photo or two a day through until Devember 6th… and leave a link below. We are already on Day Five – goodness me, these past few days have flown by!

My first photo today is my gorgeous Himalayan Foxtail Lily ‘Eremurus himalaicus’. I know they are fussy plants, so I am keeping my fingers crossed they will flower again next year. They were amazing!

And my other flowers today are Asters. They always do well in my garden, even after a very hot and dry summer. 😃

Looking forward to seeing what others are sharing today.


Have a warm and flowery Sunday everyone!

A Week of Flowers 2022: Day Four

Welcome to Day 4 of my ‘Week of Flowers’ – my answer to brightening up the darkest days of the year here in the northern hemisphere. Why not join me? Just post a flower a day through to Tuesday December 6th. Yes, it’s that simple!

Today I am sharing some of my favourite flowers from my Moon Bed, planted in shades of blue, cream and white. First the Echinops ritro ‘Veitch’s Blue’. Such a beautiful shape and colour…

The bees love this as much as I do! 😉🐝

Another true blue is the Camassia. Sadly they don’t last for very long. (This one is actually in the Butterfly Bed, where I have had a few for several years now).

Around the same time of year the Scabiosa ‘Perfect Blue’ begin to flower too.

I grew these from seed in our first spring here, and they have spread nicely.

Finally, Echinacea ‘Fragrant Angel’ which is possibly the best Echinacea I have ever grown… strong growth, lots of long-lasting flowers and a bee magnet. 😃

Thank you for all the contributions and comments. This is so much fun! If you haven’t joined in yet there is still time… and remember to leave a link below so we can all find the flowers you are sharing!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



A Week of Flowers 2022: Day Three

Time is whizzing by this week as a whirlwind of flowers colours my days! Yes, it is already Day Three of my third annual Week of Flowers, where I invite you to join me in sharing a photo of flowers from your 2022 garden over a whole week. I started this in 2020 when I was feeling low after our little doggie Gina died mid November and it really helped to cheer me up. You can post just one of the days or each day, (with any number of flowers you like, but one is just fine!😉) up to Tuesday December 6th. But do leave a link in the comments so that we can all see what you have found to share. 😃

I am going to start off this morning with a reminder of some golden summer glory.

(Gaillardia, Heliopsis and Helianthus)

And below, the only Dahlia I managed to grow this year: ‘Firepot’. It didn’t produce more than three or four flowers, but was so pretty.

And to close for today, a flower that is blooming right now – a little early but very welcome in my winter garden. Hellebore Ice ‘n’ Roses ‘Early Rose’.

Thanks to all and have a wonderful Wednesday. (And see you tomorrow….😉)