New Wheels!

Carrying heavy pots and watering cans is not recommendable for any gardener. So I decided to take more care of my wrists and back this summer, and bought myself a little helper…


I am so happy with it! Not only can I transport all my pots from A to B, move sacks of compost from the garage to the back garden, or transport various tools and equipment, I can also take several full watering cans at once down to an area where I have sown some seeds. And my garden sack fits on too, making the tredge to the compost heap much lighter and more fun!


It has tough rubber tyres which run well even on our footpath, although they are a bit smelly still. And the sides can be folded down for wide loads. I find it much easier to manoeuver on our sloping garden than a wheelbarrow, and it is also much lighter. The advantage of it being flat and low to the ground means large pots barely have to be lifted and are safe when being moved up or downhill.

This is definitely the best piece of gardening equipment I have ever owned – after my trowel, that is!

What’s your most useful gardening tool or item of equipment?