Aquilegia vulgaris

Aquilegia vulgaris

Queen of the garden

Stands above her realm below

Reigning in glory


Aquilegia vulgaris is commonly called European Columbine, or “Granny’s Bonnets”.

Aquilegia is from the Latin word for eagle – aquila – because the petals are supposed to resemble the claw of an eagle. Columbine is from the Latin for pigeon – columba… Why, I don’t know!

Personally I like the name Granny’s Bonnets best, as it describes the flower heads of this plant so well!

Dreamy Blues

Forget-me-not (Myosotis)

I have noticed recently just how many different blues there are in my garden. Not only the shades, but somehow the texture. Suede, silk, paper, wax…

Common Bugle (Ajuga reptans)

Bird’s-eye Speedwell  (Veronica chamaedrys)

Siberian bugloss (Brunnera macrophylla)

The flowers are very similar to Myosotis, but the leaves are quite different.

Blue pulmonaria/Lungwort/Jerusalem cowslip (Pulmonaria angustifolia “Blue Ensign”)


All of these flowers are in bloom at the moment… some in the “uncultivated” part of the garden!