Home Sweet Home

I travelled back to Germany yesterday, and after an eventful November I am hoping things will start looking up from now on… A death in the family, my Mum’s fall, and a very sick dog have completely thrown us in the last few weeks. It CAN only get better… I hope!

I am a creature of habit, and settling into my routine again is not only a pleasure, but a necessity. I miss the walks with the dogs dreadfully, but until our dear doggie is fit again we will be staying snug and warm at home.

I have several projects planned for the next few days … but right now I have some serious catching up to do on doggie cuddles…

There are poorly paws to be cosseted, noses to stroke, tummies to tickle, and ears to be scratched…

… It’s a dog’s life!

November Rose

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

by John Lennon  in “Beautiful Boy”

This beautiful November rose, photographed just recently, is for my poor Mum, who broke her leg a couple of weeks ago.

I’m off  to the UK today to visit her and help out for a while…


I’ve got plenty of posts lined up and hope to do a post on my Mum’s garden while I’m there. She is a real gardener!


What is happiness for you?

Our news in Germany last night was all about a study that has revealed that Germans are happier than they have been in 10 years, especially in the north….. dispelling the myth that the Bavarians in the south are the happiest of all!

Factors involved were, of course, money, but more than that health, partnerships, jobs and friends. An interesting point, however, was that the ability to forgive makes people happier, and apparently a person from Hamburg for example is better at that than a Bavarian… There are many differences between north Germans and Bavarians, but I hadn’t heard that one before!

The study reminded me of an article I read recently by Peter Singer, Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, about the policy of promoting “gross national happiness” in the small Himalayan state of Bhutan. How is happiness measured there? Peter Singer says that

“it is not clear whether people’s answers to survey questions in different languages and in different cultures really mean the same thing”.

 So perhaps that is also the case between the north and south of Germany…. Just a thought.