Tuesday at Two (October 1st)

Happy October!

Here’s the two o’clock photo for this week…


And a zoom in on the acer…


Today the sun took a while to make it through the clouds, but by late afternoon it was beautiful.

Although the sun was shining right into my lens, I love this view across the rockery with the Miscanthus at the bottom


Let’s hope we get lots of golden October sunshine!

Tuesday at Two (September 17th)

I can’t believe how fast September is flying by. Do you feel the same?

We’ve had a lot of weather today – rain, hail,  wind, but also lovely sunshine!


Two minutes earlier it looked like this…


And five minutes later I was running for cover! I managed to get lots of planting done, as the ground was nice and damp, and then everything was watered in perfectly without me needing to help. 😀

My next job is to write down where I planted what…. trying to keep a record now by simply listing new plants with a description of where it is. An example; Alyssum has been planted “where the previous Alyssum was, in front of the rock in the top bed”. Well, I hope I’ll know what I meant in the spring when I’m looking out for it to send up green shoots!

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday at Two (September 10th)

It’s been drizzling for most of the day, and is quite chilly. Welcome autumn… hello socks… where’s my fleece jacket! We’ll be putting the heating on soon if this continues!


The maple at the bottom of the garden is slowly turning red and the lime trees are losing all their leaves.

What signs of autumn are you seeing?

Tuesday at Two (September 3rd)

It’s been a lovely start to the week, with warm and sunny weather, although cool in the shade.


While sitting at that table this afternoon we saw this handsome bug…


Any ideas what it is?

A real highlight of the week is my Clematis tangutica “Orange Peel”. It finally flowered!


I had difficulties finding this specific one, so I’m so glad it has got established after such a difficult start weatherwise. (It was planted this spring).

Have you ever grown a tangutica group Clematis? They are wonderful climbers.

Have a lovely week everyone!

Tuesday at Two (August 27th)

After a flying visit to the UK (barely 40 hours there!) and then visiting a birthday girl this morning, I only have a quick shot for today. Cool, damp and most definitely late summer/autumn….


The Japanese acer is turning yellow, but it will take another month before it looks its best and I will enjoy watching it change to a deep red. That’s what I like about autumn… everything happens slowly enough to keep pace!

Are you looking forward to autumn?

Tuesday at Two (August 20th)

Cool and grey, but a very happy garden after lots of rain yesterday. The forecast is good, with temperatures in the upper 20s by the end of the week. August has been such a lovely month this year, after the brain-numbing heat of July.


(In the foreground you may see I have finally found some attractive plant supports for the asters and achillea)


I’ve collected a few images of the garden over the last couple of weeks too. It’s been such gorgeous weather for taking pictures – take a look!

Has August been good to you too?

Have a lovely week everyone! 😀