Tuesday at Two (August 13th)

The weather has been cooler (mid-20s) and we have had some good rain showers in the past week. The garden has an autumn feel to it now that the heat has subsided.


And here’s a different view for you… just after 7 am this morning! The sunlight was lovely shining on our rock, and the sky still looked stormy after some overnight rain.


Have you noticed the shift in the seasons yet?

Tuesday at Two (August 6th)

Well, August has rolled in with incredible heat and humidity, and a terrific storm on Sunday, but it looks like it’s going to cool down a little in the next few days. I feel out of sorts in this hot weather, unable to work in the garden when I would like to, so I’m hoping for some “gardening weather” soon!

Have you had “gardening weather” recently?


And here’s another look back over the past 3 months, from May to the end of July….

Have a good week, whatever the weather!

(Click on any photo to open the gallery.)

Tuesday at Two (July 30th)

It rained! After almost 40°C at the weekend, a few good showers over the last day or two have revived a few plants. But some will be lost. Never mind. A lesson for next year… more grasses and lavenders, sedums and centranthus, which all do well even if we do have damp years in the future.


The grass seems a little greener, although most of what you see is the plaintain and moon daisy leaves mown low.

Just as I was taking the photo today, this flew over!


That blue sky with a cool breeze is wonderful.

I’m also enjoying the blue of the Russian Sage at the moment…


The cone flowers are open now, although they suffered a bit in the strong sun…


And the fennel is a lovely sight too. It barely wilted in the heat, so I think I will have to plant some more in another very dry spot.


Have you ever grown fennel?

Tuesday at Two (July 23rd)

Over three weeks without rain now, and the sun has been very strong as well, so the grass is looking pretty frazzled… it crunches when we walk across it!


A lot of the garden has just shrivelled up in the heat, but some plants are amazingly resilient. This Ononis spinosa (Spiny Restharrow) for example…


And the Russian Sage of course, which has just started to bloom…


Which plants in your garden are most resilient to drought?

Tuesday at Two (July 16th) and Hollyhock Rust

Beautiful weather again. If we could just have a good rain one night it would be perfect!


Down in the rockery a hollyhock has bloomed, and is looking fairly healthy still.


However, the dreaded rust is already attacking its leaves. I shall have to remove them and dispose of them, as I would hate it to spread to the nearby Hibiscus. Do you have any plants affected by rust? Does anyone have a cure for it? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

The RHS website www.rhs.org.uk has some useful tips on dealing withhollyhock rust here.

Tuesday at Two (9th July)

We are currently enjoying some gorgeous summer sunshine, with a warm breeze and the occasional fluffy white cloud bringing relief from the strong sun. And the forecast for the whole week is more of the same. Perfect!


The Sempervivum has been keeping me on tenterhooks, and then when I went to take the two o’clock photo I found this…

The Fate of the Sempervivum


I think the heat got to it! It was thus propped up ceremoniously….


…as I wanted to show you the first little flower that has opened. (A drum roll please!)


Its little cousin also opened yesterday, completely surprising me…


And these also look like they will open soon…


Has anything surprised you in your garden recently?


Tuesday at Two (2nd July)

What happened to June? It just flew by!

The bright sunlight in today’s picture is due to me being a bit late (again!) so the sun had moved round. This was about 4.30pm.TuesdayViewJuly2nd

A perfect summer’s day! And the Sempervivum still hasn’t flowered, although the buds are quite visible now…


Here’s another update. The strawberry pot I planted up earlier this spring is looking lovely – the watering system I described here works wonderfully. All these plants get pretty thirsty, but it is no problem supplying them with enough water now.


Have you had any successful trials in your garden this year?