Tuesday View (28th October)

I was actually quite surprised when I compared today’s view with last week’s – not as much change as I thought after all the wind and rain we had. We can see up into the woods now though (behind the acer).



The acer still has so many leaves so I thought I’d take a few pictures of the last of the autumn colour before it all fades…

Binocular man on the right is being swaped by the Cotoneaster, which will have a drastic haircut once the berries have gone!)

Binocular man on the right is being swamped by the Cotoneaster, which will have a drastic haircut once the berries have gone!


Focussing on the positive: these bright and warm colours are a tonic on cloudy days

Even with no sunshine the acer glows

Even with no sunshine the acer glows


And the miniature cherry has managed to retain most of its leaves this autumn too, showing some nice colour

Prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai' with some Physalis to the left

Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’ with some Physalis to the left and one of my favourite (no-name) Heucheras on the right


We only had a few very brief rays of sunshine today, but to the north – as is so often the case – the sky was pale blue

Persicaria and Golden Euonymus in the rockery

Persicaria and Golden Euonymus in the rockery


Enjoy the last few days of October!

Was it a golden month for you?

Tuesday View (21st October)

An early morning photo today, with the mist in the background and pale filtered sunlight just breaking through low cloud…


THE rose is still flowering, and the garden still looks very colourful.


I thought I had better take my picture early as the storm that passed over the UK a couple of days ago was on the way to us. It took all day to get here though and as I write now the wind is howling and it is pouring with rain, thundering and lightning too… I’m glad I managed to tidy away a few more pots and cut down some soggy foliage earlier.

I’m also glad I got a few photos of the silvery dwarf Miscanthus in the sunshine…


The pink asters have gone over now, but this snail doesn’t seem to mind


I  noticed that the sedum also has a new admirer – the Cymbalaria , which has spread like mad this year, has fallen in love!


A final picture today of one of my tomato plants. Yes! In mid-September I distributed some of my compost over part of the rockery and two self-seeded tomato plants appeared shortly after. They look so incredibly healthy. I don’t think I’ll see any tomatoes though!


Have a good week – with calm weather!

Tuesday View (14th October)

It poured with rain last night, and when I looked out this morning I immediately noticed a change in the colours of the leaves, as well as a great number lying on the ground. And yet I think there is little change in the rockery itself compared with last week…


The acer is possibly at its peak now, and I think the greener leaves will probably drop before changing colour this year… funny how it varies from year to year. The dwarf Miscanthus below the acer always flowers beautifully, but the giant one behind it (see an old post here for more photos) only produces a few flowers every few years… no signs of any yet…


There are still a few late summer flowers too – this Lychnis was a lovely surprise this morning…


And although the asters are starting to fade, the butterflies (here a Comma) are still visiting them…


THE rose is still flowering… to defy me?!


And finally the Persicaria that I have mentioned many times is still offering sustenance to the bees…


Are you still seeing bees or butterflies?

Tuesday View (7th October)

Fog and mist are common here in autumn, and today the sunshine barely made it through for more than a few minutes, but luckily I was there with my camera when it did!


Not much change since last week, but the Japanese acer is getting prettier by the day…


… and the rose that I wanted to get rid of earlier this year has new buds…


I think the rose has convinced me it can stay.


Do your plants talk to you?

Tuesday View (30th September)

September was a very kind month to my garden, with regular rain, damp and (mostly) mild nights, and plenty of sunshine in between.  But today the sun barely managed to get through…


I just noticed that the patio is visible from this angle, with my pixie – can you see him? And my newly planted patio container (see below): a bargain bin at the nursery meant the short, unnamed Achillea cost me just 1 Euro! I’m not sure how hardy the Carex will be, but sedums seem to work in most of my containers all year round. (The photo was taken yesterday – a beautiful sunny day!)


 The dull skies didn’t stop the butterflies from making an appearance today though…


How was your September?


P.S. I’ll be posting my Butterfly Diary for September tomorrow, so hope you can stop by again.


Tuesday View (23rd September)

Happy Autumn everyone!

The autumn equinox occurred at around 4.30am here, on Tuesday 23rd, although we have been well into the season for 3 weeks now. I just hope that doesn’t mean winter will come early too…

The view today, despite cloudy skies, still looks bright and cheerful. I think the golden Euonymous, which I tend to overlook, brings so much light to the rockery. I can recommend planting it so it can be seen from the house in winter. Ours has only frozen back once, dropping all its leaves, but didn’t seem any worse for it.


My two favourite flowers this week are two of my asters… I always seem to be waiting so long for them to bloom, but when they do finally open they are beautiful, especially if captured in the sunshine!

The pink Aster novae angliae ‘Andeken an Alma Pötschke’


And the delicate blue/mauve Aster, the name of which I no longer remember. (If anyone knows…?)


I learned recently from Jason at Garden in a City that they are now referred to not as Aster, but as Symphyotrichum, which I can barely pronounce, let alone spell without looking it up! Isn’t that like changing the name of an old friend?! Really I should call them by the name we always used years ago: Michaelmas Daisies. This reminds me that they do flower so late every year, as St Michael’s Day is not until the 29th September.

A final picture for today, taken last week, shows the view I posted all through 2013… some of you may remember. The large acer is looking at its best with some blue sky behind it.


Have a good week and a good start to the new season!


Tuesday View (16th September)

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, we had a great deal of rain at the end of last week and over the weekend. The Perovskia didn’t think much to that, and the Centranthus also suffered a bit. But the view today is still colourful, with the pink Fairy rose still flowering…


And this Persicaria (which has a new name that I can’t remember) has been flowering non-stop since July…


We have had a few distractions in the garden recently… more of that in a couple of days. But today a tiny weeny snake was near our patio door, rather near my slippers!

If you don’t like snakes, scroll down quickly.

He was only about 20cm long, but very lively.

Probably a smooth snake, as that’s what we mostly have here.


Have you seen any snakes this summer?