In a Vase on Monday: A Conversation Piece

This week I was inspired by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden not only to find something in my winter garden for a Monday vase… Earlier this month Cathy shared a photo of her ammonite garden decoration. Well, it left quite an impression on me, and since I have been playing with yarn a lot on these chilly winter days I decided to try something out….


The Forsythia was picked in bud last Monday and opened just in time for today’s vase. It doesn’t take long once the buds have fully formed.

The ammonite is crocheted in chunky acrylic wool – nice and stable for standing a glass in to show off some flowers. I couldn’t find a free pattern, so followed a video tutorial instead. (I had the choice of Turkish, Spanish or French, so I went for the French! )

It is an unusual object that I probably won’t use very often, but it was fun making it and I hope it will make you all smile! 😃

Do pop over to Cathy’s blog to see what she has found for a vase this week. And have a great week!

56 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: A Conversation Piece

  1. Love your ammonite. I can hardly wait for the forsythia – which is currently buried in over a foot of snow. I hope the bunnies leave some for me…

    • Well if you were to cut a small sprig now (before the bunnies get to it) and bring it indoors in the warm it will flower within a week or two. 😉

      • Maybe – but the snow is deep enough to prevent me getting to the plant without snowshoes… I’ll just have to cross my fingers, and also remind myself to plant more near the house!

  2. Oh that is lovely, Cathy – and Sandra from Wild Daffodil will love it too!! Well done you for crocheting it just from a tutorial. It is a brilliant idea for enhancing a plain vase or jamjar even. Just think, we could all be knitting or crocheting covers for our vases in a range of colours… 🤣 Great big thank you for sharing this, Cathy

  3. I am smiling, I love that crocheted piece, wonderful! And I never could manage to force branches of anything when living further north, so I love the Forsythia as well. January happiness!

  4. It’s wonderful how your imagination (and ability to follow the instructions in French) led you to such an interesting result. A very fun vase and the beautiful forsythia takes me back to my childhood home.

    • I was so happy to see the Forsythia flowering within a week of cutting it. 😃 It is always such a lovely splash of spring colour when it comes out in the garden – something to look forward to!

  5. Oh you are a talented woman Cathy – not just good with the needle but obviously linguistic ability too 👏🏻 What an imaginative vase cover – hope to see it again 😀

    • Thank you Anna! The vase has grown on me with the lovely Forsythia in it, so perhaps I will use it again… probably for Forsythia when it actually opens outside. The yellow goes well with the grey. 😃

  6. Haha, I can imagine how amused you must have been working on this. Did you have to explain it to anyone? I’m wondering how that went, I can picture the raised eyebrows!
    I don’t see myself ever able to concentrate long enough to keep that pattern straight… a ball of knots is what I’d end up with, not such a perfect spiral!

    • It actually got a very positive reaction! The pattern was harder than I had expected and took longer, but once I had started I was determined to finish. 😉 I don ‘t think I’ll be making another one though…

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