In a Vase on Monday: Spring Times Six

Monday is vase day, and I am pleased to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden once again. But my vase today is actually six little vases all joined together!

This ingenious ‘vase’, given to me by a friend some years ago, means I can show off lots of different Spring flowers at once. 😉

First, a Muscari and an unlabelled Pulmonaria brought with me from the old garden.

Then a Puschkinnia… love those stripes!

And finally Glory of the Snow, Bellis and a double primula.

Last week I mentioned that the little jug I used had some eggs on the base inside, but I had not thought to photograph them before filling the jug with flowers. So here’s a photo!

Hope you are all enjoying warmer temperatures than here… We had an amazing 21°C one day last week but are down to just single digits again tomorrow with snow flurries already! I have been preparing my new bed today though, so will be glad of a few days rest! 😉 Here’s a preview….

It’s about 24 metres long and about 1.5 metres wide, forming a boundary for the flower garden. Planting should start as soon as this cold spell is over. 😃

Happy gardening!



In a Vase on Monday: Easter Week

I am happy to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with a vase this week. Yes, Spring has gone into second gear and will no doubt accelerate rapidly now and I have a few flowers to share!

My little vase contains narcissi (Jetfire I think) and primulas.

The Easter Lamb in the background has been with me for some years now, and I do have a soft spot for her. 😉

A closer look at the dear little jug that my Mum gave me a few years ago…

I forgot to photograph the inside before filling it, but there a few bird eggs on the base inside. 😃

The big double primula was purchased recently for a pot and smells amazing! A bit like lemon fizz! 😉

Wishing you all a sunny Easter week!






In a Vase on Monday: Afloat

It is Monday again (what happened to last week?!) and time to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with a vase full of lovelies from our gardens. Such a wonderful thing to do on a Monday morning!

Actually, strictly speaking, I don’t have a vase this week, but a bowl. 😃

Sadly there was no sunshine for the photos, but these blooms have enough charisma to shine anyway! 😉 Take a look at the slide show and enjoy some spring beauties.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Have a great week!


In a Vase on Monday: Hello Iris

It is so good to finally have some flowers to share for this Monday. I must say I admire those in the northern hemisphere who have managed to keep up posting vases through the winter, with our host Cathy (at Rambling in the Garden) being an inspirational example to us all!

Thanks Cathy!

Winter has been long, but we have had some fabulous weather lately and suddenly my Iris, some Crocuses and a few Primulas opened.

And hiding in there somewhere is one of my snowdrops. (A grand total of six have flowered now!)

As you can see in the photo above our grass is still brown from being covered in snow for so long, but there is new life and the buzzing of bees out there now. 😃

I do hope you will take a look at Cathy’s post and find the links to all the other contributors too. Spring is springing all over the place, and although we will no doubt get another cold spell here in Bavaria before it really takes off I am enjoying it while I can, and enjoying seeing everyone else’s spring gardens too.

Hope March will be a good month for everyone!


In a Vase on Monday: Flowers for Dorris

Last week I was so sad to hear that our blogging friend Dorris (Rebecca) had passed away in December. I will miss her fun-loving nature, the gorgeous photos of her garden, and her lovely creative vases. I may never have met her, but felt I knew her a little through her posts. We shared a love of many plants including Verbena bonariensis, Calamagrostis, Geums and Californian poppies.

So my vase this week is one from June, warm and cheerful, with Geums and Californian poppies. It seemed appropriate as my garden is covered in snow anyway.

Our In a Vase on Monday host, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, has also dedicated her vase to Dorris this week.

More Californian poppies for Dorris/Rebecca. My sympathy to all who knew and loved her.