A Week of Flowers 2022: Day Six/In a Vase on Monday

Only two days remain of my Week of Flowers, where I invite you to join me with floral posts to cheer up the winter days and warm us all up a bit! So I will make the most of today and tomorrow and pack as many flowers into my posts as time allows!

Let’s start with a few peonies today. Firstly  the Itoh Peony ‘Shining Light’. I waited several years for this one to flower but it is now well-established and produced lots of flowers this summer!

Shining Light

This next one is Jan van Leeuwen, a lovely creamy white with a buttery yellow centre.

Jan van Leeuwen

This delicate pink one is Dancing Butterflies…

Dancing Butterflies

One of the best for fragrance, Sarah Bernhardt…

Sarah Bernhardt

And the cuckoo in the blue and white Moon Bed is this bright red one: Cuckoo’s Nest…

Cuckoo’s Nest

Well, today is a Monday, so I am also linking in to the wonderful In a Vase on Monday meme which is hosted by (another) Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. Cathy invites us to share flowers from our gardens in a vase each week. And since my garden is pretty much frozen at the moment I will share a few vases from the past year instead. I hope I will be forgiven for cheating today! As always, many thanks to Cathy for hosting.😃

Just choosing these photos has been uplifting and refreshing and I am already thinking of the gardening year to come!

One more day of my Week of Flowers tomorrow, so if you haven’t joined in yet, please do! Just post a flower or two from your 2022 garden and leave us a link below. Thanks to all and have a great Monday!

In a Vase on Monday: Rays of Sunshine

There was no sign of the sun today in our part of the world – quite normal for November – but I still managed to get some satisfying gardening, tidying up and pottering done outside. And while I was pottering I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of Gaillardia still flowering.

I immediately remembered another unexpected glow of colour I had seen on my morning rounds with Anouk; a single Goldenrod flower, a little worse for wear but with some pieces still good enough for a vase.

I scanned the garden for some nice amber coloured foliage to accompany my golden November treasures and my eyes fell on the Geranium foliage. Perfect!

It was quite exciting to be able to create such a sunshiny vase on the last Monday in November!

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this Monday meme, where she invites us to share something from our gardens, popped into a vase.😃

Reminder: As I posted here just a few days ago, my ‘Week of Flowers‘ for 2022 will commence on Wednesday 30th November. If you would like to join me for a week sharing a photo a day of a colourful flower from your 2022 garden I would be delighted. 😃 And if a whole week is too much, do join for just one day (or two 😉). I know I am not the only one here in the northern hemisphere who values every single splash of colour they can find at this time of year!


Thanks for reading and Happy Gardening!




In a Vase on Monday: Looking for Light

November can be dreary, and as the snow that fell on Saturday slowly melted on Sunday, the house seemed to be enveloped in gloom! Outside is rather unpleasant today; sleet and rain and a cold wind. So for my vase this week I decided to simply revamp some of the things I had in my posies last week.

Finding a good spot to get decent photos is not easy when the sun hides behind thick cloud. I tried the windowsill. (You can see how green the garden is looking again!)

And then I placed the vase on my mini sofa which is covered with a blanket I crocheted a couple of years ago. I liked that as a background, and with a couple of lamps on it suddenly looked a bit cheerier. The tealight will be lit later when I put the vase on my dining room table. 😃

Dark red Cornus twigs, a Hellebore and a Heuchera leaf, some sprigs of Leucothoe and a stem of the lovely Pelargonium sidoides which was looking a bit unruly and needed trimming. The plant came from a cutting Annette sent me, and when I saw how she had used it in her posy last week I knew I had to try it too. 😉

Thanks to Cathy Rambling in the Garden for hosting. Do visit her and see what others have found for a vase this week.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have some sunshine today!

In a Vase on Monday: Ninth Anniversary!

It is now nine years since Cathy at Rambling in the Garden first invited fellow bloggers to join her and share a vase every Monday with materials from their gardens. What a great idea that was! Even though this was November – the onset of winter in the UK – it struck a chord with gardeners around the world and soon created a wonderful little community in the blogging world. And yesterday some of us even met up on zoom for the first time, which was lovely!

Cathy has set us a challenge to celebrate this anniversary: create a hand-tied posy.

I love a challenge. So I made my posy a few days early, as frosts had been forecast.

At the centre I used some Miscanthus ‘Red Chief’, my last red Gaillardia, some Persicaria ‘Blackfield’, a few deep red Cornus stems and the very last of the small sunflowers.

Around the edges are some common spurge, some geranium leaves turning lovely autumn colours, and a large hellebore leaf.

A couple of sprigs of Queen Anne’s Lace and the deep red Leucothoe add highlights.

I tied the posy with a piece of string, and then added a green ribbon, although it is hard to see on my photos, and got a bit soggy when I put the posy in a glass of water!

Saturday night/Sunday morning we had our first frost – it was only just below freezing, but was accompanied by a cold north-east wind. And yet Geranium ‘Rozanne’ was still flowering. Such an amazing plant. So I decided to make a second posy to celebrate that as well!

More Miscanthus ‘Red Chief’, red cornus stems and Chrysanthemum ‘Anastasia’ at the centre, with silvery Anaphalis triplinervis and the blue Rozanne flowers. Then four bronze Heuchera leaves around the edges, and a purple ribbon.

(By the way, I used Rozanne in last week’s vase, and it lasted extremely well.)

A huge thank you to Cathy, and to all the others who join in every Monday as well as all those who write comments. This meme has made Mondays so much more enjoyable and I look forward to visiting everyone’s posts, even if it is sometimes a day or two later. You and your gardens are all wonderful!


In a Vase on Monday: Heavenly Blue

A very late flowering Salvia lends its name to the title of my vase this week. Salvia ‘Heavenly Blue’ is in its second year and has only just started to flower! I am also not sure how hardy it is as it surprised me in the spring when it started sprouting new leaves. So I cut one stem and left the other for the remaining insects to peruse. And we will see what it does next year. I gave it its own rosebud vase, to show it off best.

Beside it, for the other flowers, is a tiny porcelain blue vase (originally bought from a Christmas market for snowdrops, but I will probably never have enough in this garden to pick!)

I cut a few Geranium Rozanne flowers for this vase, to continue the blue theme, and found a single blue Campanula flower as well. The leaves are fresh Pulmonaria foliage.

The shorter days and chilly nights mean flowers are increasingly hard to find, but there are still enough for tiny posies now and then. The asters have gone over rather quickly in the last week or so. We haven’t had a frost yet, but night-time temperatures have often been hovering just above zero. It has been a gentle slide towards winter though, and I do even have some summer Pelargoniums in pots that are still flowering well. In November! 😆

I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her Monday meme. Do go and visit her to see the brilliant idea she has had for her meme’s ninth anniversary next week, and also to take a look at the lovely flowers she picked to share this Monday. 😃

Have a great week!

In a Vase on Monday: Summer in October

Well another week of warm, sunny weather has passed and we have been basking in it; soaking up all that vitamin D and happiness the sun brings with it, and watching the garden go on blooming as if there is no winter approaching. Bliss!

October 31st? Yes! 😃

As a result of this mild and sunny month, I have a rather odd mix of flowers to share in my vase today. Odd in a very positive way, I must add.

As you can see above, a large pink cosmos has made a late appearance, possibly the ‘Double Click Cranberries’ which turned out to be single from last year. Then there is a blue Scabiosa, some pink Gypsophila which I thought had died in the summer, some pink Salvia (‘Icing Sugar’) and a blue Geranium…. and is that white flower on the left an anemone?  No, a Hellebore!

In the middle of the the three mini vases you can see a pink aster and my one and only reliable Chrysanthemum ‘Anastasia’. She comes back bigger and better each year, while others barely produce a single flower. I think I might try and take cuttings from her next year.

And on the right, more Geraniums (the pale pink one is ‘Apple Blossom’), a white Japanese Anemone, some purple sage and Aster ‘Ezo Murasaki’.

The temperature was 21°C yesterday (Sunday), but is forecast to slowly drop this week down to 7°C on Saturday. Oh well, it was a wonderful month and the garden needs a rest now, so November can come.

How was your October?

As usual, many thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, who had the ingenious idea one November to share a vase of things from her garden and has since invited us to do the same every Monday. 😃

Have a great week, and happy gardening!



In a Vase on Monday: Red and Gold

A simple title for a simple vase this week, as I join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with some materials gathered from my garden for a Monday vase.

Even before going out with my garden scissors, I knew which vase I wanted to use today – the bargain red glass bottle found at my local supermarket recently, with golden leaves attached. It just seems perfect for the season!

No blue skies in the background today, but the rain is doing the garden so much good that I will not complain.

I found the ideal flowers to put in it too. Some golden Chrysopsis from the Sunshine Bed and a couple of small sunflowers that are still looking decent.

The red flowers are Gaillardia ‘Burgunder’ and the red spikes are Persicaria ‘Blackfield’, both growing in The ‘Edge. I added a bit of Plumbago foliage as well – the flowers are over but the leaves are such a gorgeous shade of red at this time of year.

Three of these Gaillardia were planted together, but for some reason I also get flowers with yellow rings around the petals. Not sure if that is normal or my plants are trying to revert to their original colour… 🤔 I do prefer the solid red though.

The sun should be back tomorrow for the rest of the week, so this October really will have been golden. 😃

Hope your week will be full of sunshine too, and happy gardening!