In a Vase on Monday: A Conversation Piece

This week I was inspired by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden not only to find something in my winter garden for a Monday vase… Earlier this month Cathy shared a photo of her ammonite garden decoration. Well, it left quite an impression on me, and since I have been playing with yarn a lot on these chilly winter days I decided to try something out….


The Forsythia was picked in bud last Monday and opened just in time for today’s vase. It doesn’t take long once the buds have fully formed.

The ammonite is crocheted in chunky acrylic wool – nice and stable for standing a glass in to show off some flowers. I couldn’t find a free pattern, so followed a video tutorial instead. (I had the choice of Turkish, Spanish or French, so I went for the French! )

It is an unusual object that I probably won’t use very often, but it was fun making it and I hope it will make you all smile! 😃

Do pop over to Cathy’s blog to see what she has found for a vase this week. And have a great week!

Thursday’s Feature: Philadelphus coronarius

A beautiful shrub is flowering in my garden right now: Philadelphus coronarius, also known as Mock-Orange, flowers in June here and is quite something…


Unfortunately this cultivar has practically no scent, unlike many other Philadelphus. So if you are planning on buying one, make sure it is fragranced. The flowers alone are, however, worthy of a spot in any garden.


This particular shrub is about 3 metres tall and about 3 metres wide. It was probably planted when this house was built, over 30 years ago. I have pruned it very cautiously a few times. This year it will need a lot of old wood removing, but even of it is not so spectacular next year it will help growth long-term.


The overhanging branches laden with flowers look lovely in the front garden as I come up our hill. Especially if there is some blue sky behind them.


Here are a few more images of it. Enjoy!

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Today I am joining Kimberley again at Cosmos and Cleome for her meme ‘Thursday’s Feature’. Please join us in featuring a plant each Thursday, so we can see what grows in other parts of the world too!