In a Vase on Monday: Catkins

Catkin: a slim, cylindrical flower cluster, with inconspicuous or no petals, usually wind-pollinated…


The contents of my vase for this week’s meme “In a Vase on Monday” – where Cathy challenges us to bring garden materials indoors each week – are completely recycled;  February is still cold and snowy and everything in the garden seems to be hanging in icy equilibrium.

But the Forsythia and catkins brought in from the cold last week are opening and remind me that spring will soon be here.


The green shoots are on a twig of spindle tree, which was in last week’s vase for the seedheads. And a piece of Miscanthus from last week also fitted into my tiny green vase.


 The Flower Fairy poetry book in the background is open on the Hazel Catkin page:


I love that last verse!

While yet the woods lie grey and still
   I give my tidings: “Spring is near!”
One day the land shall leap to life
   With fairies calling: “Spring is HERE!”


Can’t wait to hear those fairy voices!



Do visit our host, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, to see her vase and all the others linked in from around the world.

Maybe you can join in too?


45 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Catkins

    • I think the fairies would like your garden Donna. 😉 The book is “The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies” by Cicely Mary Barker. The flower fairies are well-known and loved in the UK. Are they known in your part of the world too?

  1. It’s so pretty Cathy – and your book reminds me that although I have 12 pretty plates with the flower fairies on I do not have the poems to go with them and I need to remedy that! Isn’t it great that thinks you picked previously are gradually opening? I optimistically cut a magnolia bud a couple of weeks ago… 😉

    • Hello Eliza. Yes, This meme has made me determined to find something every week, no matter what season! I might even have a snowdrop next week, if I’m lucky! Thanks for visiting!

  2. I used to love the Flower Fairy books, in fact I still do. How lovely to have the Song of the Hazel- Catkin Fairy to go with your arrangement. Even in the depths of Winter we can have buds opening inside. They go so well with the pretty green vase.

    • Thanks Kris! It’s a matter of using what is available with the garden still covered in snow, so the catkins are really the only ‘flowers’ I have right now. But I do love them!

  3. A lovely prelude to spring Cathy – those catkins are stunning and you have reminded me that I really must go out and cut a few branches of forsythia to force inside. My daughter used to love the Flower Fairies and I must go and see if we still have that lovely book – the answer is probably yes as I rarely get rid of anything beautiful.

    • I bought myself the complete flower fairies collection a few years ago and hadn’t realised just how many illustrations and poems there actually are. Hope you find that book of yours!

    • We always used to call them lambstail catkins – to differentiate from the pussy willow catkins – so the word conjures up nice nostalgic images for me too!

  4. I’ve been listening to these voices for a while, Cathy, and swear they’re getting stronger! Lovely vase, I have catkins in mine as well and am glad to be free of allergies as the pollen is everywhere. Cheers to spring 🙂

    • My larger vase full of catkins from last week had to be moved from the fireplace as our little dog sniffed at it and got her nose covered in yellow pollen! We still have white frosts and snow here Annette, so the fairies are keeping quiet for now!

  5. The prefect vase for such pickings Cathy – green and yellow look so at home together. I hope those fairy voices are getting louder and nearer by the day.

  6. Haha, too funny to have the book in there too 🙂
    There’s something about catkins that I never get tired of, no matter if they’re hanging or upright like a pussy willow I just love to see them in the spring!

    • I know just what you mean! I am always impatient to see the pussy willows open… they make a real mess when they drop later on, but they are the first real sign of spring and the bees love them too!

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