Happy March!

Meteorogically speaking, spring begins today. Our weather reports have thus been summing up, and it’s official: this winter has been the dullest, greyest, gloomiest and cloudiest on record in Germany, with the least sunshine in 62 years! I am therefore extremely happy to see our weather forecast for the next few days is for up to 10 hours of sunshine…

The snow is melting slowly, but to remind me/you of what awaits in the very near future, here’s a photo from last March.


Hope it’s a sunny month for you all!


34 thoughts on “Happy March!

  1. Oh my goodness I had no idea of your winter gloom! Looking forward to watching spring unfold as your garden comes to like again!

    • Thanks Robin. Yeah, everyone here has said how tough this winter has been, although not exceptionally cold. You have to look on the bright side though!

    • How right you are! I get excited at this season every year, but I think the pleasure at seeing some sunshine and greenery will be even more special this spring!

  2. A happy and sunny March to you too, Cathy! Lovely photo!
    Iยดm longing for seeing my spring flowers being in bloom and yes, this year I probably will take more pleasure in spring than usual…

    • Thank you Elisabeth – this morning is already looking brighter… and the forecast is sun. (Remember, that big yellow globe in the sky? You’ll recognize it when you see it, I’m sure!)

  3. Lovely photo – I’m looking forward to seeing the bees again. We had a couple of days of sun, but the forecast for the first week of March is cloud… hope it’s better with you.

    • Well this week I’m hoping the forecast for us is right, as it’s looking brighter than it has for a long time… Maybe the sun will come through for you too. ๐Ÿ˜€

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