A Warm Welcome


Today Spring embraced me

with a warm breeze,

and I felt her breath as she kissed me

on the cheek

Today Spring raced towards me

with some cool tears,

and I knew she hadn’t forsaken me

for another year.


Spring said  “I bet you’re glad to see me!”

and laughed with the birds

“You know I always come to dance with you”

were her joyous words.

Today Spring and I danced

with the nodding flowers

Reunited at last, we celebrated

Once more she is ours.

(Until summer takes her place)

Yellow violets

Has Spring been to dance with you yet?


Words and pictures by Cathy

42 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome

      • I did, thanks – it was a long walk along the river, introducing kids to the harvesting of Bear’s Garlic. And then going home and making some fantastic pesto and watching them wolf it down, happy with themselves they’d done the work! Very satisfying for everyone!

  1. So rich and full of joy are your images and words. I guess the higher temperatures will reach the North on Sunday afternoon or Monday. The fields are getting green! Enjoy your spring – Uta

  2. I just now went out for a little walk in my garden and – it´s as you say: “Spring embraced me too.”
    Blausternchen, Veilchen, Leberblümchen, Lerchensporn, Zwergiris, Hyazinthen, Zwergnarzissen,
    Primeln, Kuhschellen and Christrosen are in bloom. And – I´m feeling, there´s Spring in the air.
    Thank you for your yoyous poem and lovely pictures, Cathy!
    Have a happy Spring Sunday!

  3. Spring is trying so hard to get here – but just can’t quite break through… really windy here today, and cloudy again too. Those creamy white violas are very pretty.

    • The violets are Viola odorata ‘Sulphurea’ and have seeded themselves everywhere in that corner. They are slightly scented too. Hope you get some spring sunshine this week Sarah! 😀

  4. I feel the delight and joy spilling over in every word Cathy! This is indeed a piece of poetry that came straight from an inspired happy heart! Love it. Feel every bit of its loveliness. Sharon

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