Tuesday at Two (11th June)

A pleasantly warm 18°C (64°F), but the sun is scarce today…


The poppies have been flattened a bit by rain, but they still add lovely specks of colour. And now the Sweet Williams and the Red Valerian are starting to open too.

And an extra picture today… many of you have heard of the floods in Germany at the moment. Today I crossed the River Danube, and stopped to look down at the river bank. As you can see, the parking area is still under water, and the current is really swift. No pleasure boats can run – they have all been safely moored on the canal nearby – and the cycle paths along the river have been closed.


Our immediate area was not too badly hit, but only a few kilometres further down the River Danube the waters have caused massive problems for thousands of families. Now all eyes are on the River Elbe in the east and north, where the floods are heading towards Hamburg and then end up in the North Sea.

Let’s hope for some dry weather in central Europe over the next couple of weeks so the floods can recede and the clearing up process can continue.