Tuesday at Two (25th June)

After the heat of last week we are enjoying some cool and damp weather…


(Just in case you’re wondering, that orange thing dangling from the tree in the distance is our picnic mat, strung up to keep it dry!)


Perhaps you can see, beyond the goat’s beard, that the first day lilies are opening. I love this orange – so summery! A visitor to my garden once told me she hated them – I felt affronted! (She was not a gardener herself…)


Last week I showed you my rock plant, which Annette tells me is Sempervivum tectorum. (Thanks Annette!) This is what it looked like on the 18th…


And this photo was taken yesterday – see how it’s developing! The flowers haven’t quite opened yet, but I’ll keep you posted!


This was also taken yesterday – the last poppy flower… they have been beautiful as always, but now it’s time for the roses, lavender and red valerian to take over.


Have a good week everyone. Happy gardening!