The Rock in November

The Rock in November

Since starting this blog my camera has made me look at things from different angles…


and closer up…


This rock is even more of a focal point in the garden in winter, and makes me consider the thought that a garden does not need features other than plants, but they do enrich the view at certain times of year.

Do you have a garden feature in winter? Maybe a bird table or birdbath? A large ornament? A weather vane? A bower or gazebo? An inflatable Santa Claus? πŸ˜‰

31 thoughts on “The Rock in November

  1. Your rock with its holes is like a Henry Moore or Barbara Hepworth sculpture! I have my carvings in the garden but they either get covered or put away for the winter, to keep the frost and rain off them. My focal points in the winter are the trunks of my silver birch trees and the red stems of the Cornus.

    • We were just saying how much we love our silver birches in winter when the trunks become so visible! The bare branches also look lovely against a wintery sky.

  2. Before I had a garden I had decided I would never put anything in it but plants. However, I think mine could have a tend to look like a big field without anything. I do tend to the practical side and we have used stones we recupped from the garden to make seats/benches and we also have bird baths.

    • Yes, limestone. They call it “Jura” stone here and it is quarried along the valley. We have some beautiful lichen this year too, and lots of moss again!

  3. Your rock makes a great feature for your garden. I’d love to add a big stone to my garden; for now though I enjoy having the labyrinth. Having the camera does give us an opportunity to see things in different ways.

  4. You have taken wonderful pictures of your rock! In our garden the frozen pond takes views in winter. It has been frozen already but it is open now πŸ™‚ A wonderful Sunday to you ~ Uta

  5. Inflatable santa?! Oh no, I almost get sick when I drive through towns at this time of year. I have several features: birdbaths, sculpture, a stone that ressembles a horse’s head…I’m very fond of natural finds, driftwood for example. Your rock is very special. πŸ™‚

  6. I love your rock – it rocks! I am pondering what I can do with rock in my front garden to add a permanent more sculptural element, plus I am collecting a rock from each beach I go to to add to the garden, you have me thinking bigger… Wonder if I can get hold of a forklift…

  7. I especially love your first picture – very beautiful the harmony of colours…the green of grass … the brown of leaves covering the ground … the shades of trees … the wonderful warm sunlight and … the white rock.
    Beautiful too your wintry header with frosty rose bud and snow – flakes…!
    Have a lovely Sunday, Cathy!

  8. I like the rock, some strong focal points are good in the garden, most of mine are structural planting like the formal garden but I do have a small sculpture a friend made for me and large pots become focal points too.

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