In a Vase on Monday: Put your Sunglasses on!

Colour is the thing right now, and my vase for Cathy’s meme (Rambling in the Garden) reflects this today. So before you scroll down, be warned… you may need sunglasses for this one!

The sunflowers are Earthwalker and the lemony Valentine, both of which are favourites and have done well in large pots. The other additions are Cosmos Brightness Mixed (orange) and Polidor (golden yellow), Tithonia, a white Cleome, and a couple of Zinnias.


The jug came down from the shelf for its annual airing!


Here are a few more pics. Click on any to enlarge.

 Have a great week, and do visit Cathy to see her vase and all the others that have joined in today.


48 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Put your Sunglasses on!

  1. Beautiful, Cathy! I love that jug (and seeing it reminds me to use my sunflower vase – maybe next week?). ‘Earthwalker’ is fine looking and I keep admiring the cactus-flowering zinnias (that will definitely be in my seed orders for next year)!

  2. Oh sweet sunshine! What a beautiful arrangement, Cathy. I think that as we head into the final weeks of summer it’s special to see this particular bouquet. It’s impossible to see these colors and not smile! A very nice way to begin the week. 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more. As soon as the sunflowers opened I was itching to cut some and a few cooler days offered the opportunity so I could enjoy them at their best indoors. Have a great week Debra!

    • I have grown Earthwalker and Valentine for the second year now and I haven’t seen any others I like more. So they will probably go on next year’s list too!

  3. Your tip about growing in pots was helpful. I am running out of space! Your arrangement is so summery…just the right picture for an August Calendar page.

    • As long as you can water daily (sometimes I have to water twice if it is hot and windy) I can grow almost anything in containers. It means I am more flexible as they can be moved into shade or sun or protected from heavy rain. Our Tithonia, Cosmos and sunflowers stand in a line in front of our big picture window in the living room and create a lovely frame for the view of the garden from there!

  4. [J] This is a glorious arrangement! It captures the warmth and richness of late summer. My favourite colours! [But you could put together a collection of almost any colours, and if done well, they’re sure to be my ‘favourite colours’!

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