In a Vase on Monday: Last Dance

November has begun true to its reputation – wet, chilly and grey! All the more reason to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with her weekly meme to brighten up the house with a vase. πŸ™‚

The Persicaria Firetail is still flowering like mad, but apart from that there is not much left now and so the last flowers have been cut before the spoil… hence the title, the last dance – their last chance to shine!

I used a rectangular vase for a change, although I am not a fan of straight lines and angular shapes, but this seemed just the right size to keep the stems upright and create a slightly different effect to my usual vases.

The star at the centre is myΒ MorinaΒ longifolia (correction 8th Nov). It has never flowered this late before, so I must have cut it back just in time for it to rejuvenate. It is one of the few prickly plants I really like (those leaves are Really Prickly) and I have never used it in a vase before. I hope the last buds will open too.

The two last buddleia flowers have been included – the dwarf ‘Buzz Velvet’, shown below with Persicaria Red Dragon and Pennisetum…

And the yellow Buddleia weyeriana ‘Sungold’ – I was especially pleased that it finally flowered as I thought it had died last winter. It recovered slowly and this is the only flower it has produced! (Photographed here next to the fascinating Zebra grass).

I also cut the last unspoiled Scabiosa Snowmaiden, one semi-decent Cosmos, the last of the pretty unnamed Asters, Persicaria Red Dragon, some grasses and (of course!) some spiky Persicaria Firetail flowers.

Having chosen this title I just could not get this song out of my head… it’s an old favourite (I loved Donna Summer when I was a teenager!) and here is the video of the Queen of Disco herself singing ‘Last Dance’. (Love the hat!) πŸ˜‰

Hope your week gets off to a good start and you have some sunny moments!

68 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Last Dance

    • Thanks Noelle – yes, I an so glad my yellow buddleia seems to have recovered. Hope we don’t get quite such a cold spell this winter, but it will be given lots of mulch and covered with evergreen branches too!

  1. How funny, you came up with Donna Summer today. My first thought when I saw the title.The Buddleia and friends are lovely – a local nursery is selling those here (unusual) I have been contemplating trying one. Molinia is new to me, very pretty.

    • The Molinia has got nicely established in the garden now – I think it appreciated the rain we had in August after the first flush of flowers were over. It is very prickly though!

  2. That Persicaria is stunning. What an explosion of color. I used to put my Donna Summer album on the turntable on Sat. mornings and my roommate and I would whip through our housecleaning to Donna’s beat. Thanks for reminding me of a great memory!

  3. I certainly felt that last hurrah! too when I was picking for mine. Isn’t persicaria wonderful? Now mine are all beginning to bulk up (the Dragon has been here much longer than the others and is well established) I am thrilled with all of them although my Firetail hasn’t doesn’t especially well this year. The contents and overal effect of your vase are wonderful and it has that fireworks effect too – perhaps at the end of the dance? πŸ˜‰

    • πŸ˜‰ My Firetail is just amazing Cathy – it really took off when our initially dry summer turned to damp in August and it still looks as good now! P. ‘Alba’ looks like she might be as strong as Firetail, as she did very well in her first year. My Red Dragon is in almost complete shade against the north side of the house, so it is a bit straggly, but a cutting has been planted in a different spot and we’ll see how that goes next year. πŸ™‚

      • I have just moved my P alba but hopefully it will settle in by next year as it is quiet spindly still. I wonder if it is worth watering them in dry summers?

        • It was really dry here in spring and early summer and Firetail did look sad, but I have always tried to avoid watering except in extreme drought… it is the survival of the fittest here! I am sure it would have been grateful for a good drink, but may have then put on too much fresh growth and might have scorched more than it did….

  4. Your arrangement is gorgeous. So much still blooming in your garden, a beautiful last dance. I wish the party could continue a little longer but we’ve had snow falling lately and I fear Jack Frost will be turning the music off all too soon this year.

    • Thank you Peter – how sad that your winter seems to have set in. We don’t usually get snow until later, but the damp and dark November days will finish off my flowers too!

  5. I loved listening to her music too when I was younger. Fabulous vase, love the colours and different shapes. Here’s hoping we’ll be having plenty more dances πŸ™‚ PS: Can you send some rain, please!

    • I wish I could send you some of our rain Annette! Can you send me some sunshine?! I think the dancing here will be well and truly over by next week. 😦 Time to start planning cookie baking and the like! πŸ˜‰

      • I was just going to send you sunshine, Cathy, but all of a sudden it turned grey and damp –what we call English cold– sadly no rain though. Yes, I think I shall do some xmas baking this year to wind down a bit. Will you share any recipes/favs?

        • I will probably just make my favourite cookies (Vanillekipferl!) which are already on my recipes page. Perhaps reblog them though with some updated photos! πŸ™‚ Stay warm!

  6. Lovely finale – a sweet farewell autumnal bouquet. The molinia and persicaria are nice highlights.
    Back in the late 70s, I dated a DJ who worked a disco. He always played ‘Last Dance’ at the end of the night. What wild memories – ha! πŸ˜‰

  7. Your arrangement has a beautiful exploding shape. The grasses give an autumnal feel but you’ve got some lovely late summer flowers too. The molinia is very attractive.

    • Hi Donna. Yes, November is not a good month for our gardens, but we have both managed to put vases together! I have only peeked at your post, but will be back for a proper read later! πŸ™‚

    • It was a clear night sky on Saturday and the moon was beautiful, but we are now completely immersed in cloud and the damp seems to be coming from all directions! Have a good week Dorris!

  8. Cathy your vase is a great antidote to drab November. The persicaria is amazing and the Molinia longifolia at center is spectacular, totally new to me. Too bad about the spikes but hope it holds up as cut flower–certainly lovely now.

    • Thanks Susie. I pruned my shrub roses last week and am covered in scratches despite wearing thick gloves and jacket, so I am rather averse to any additional prickly plants in the garden! I do tolerate the Molinia though as it has such pretty flowers. πŸ™‚

  9. I love that Fire Tail is still packing a punch! It’s become a favorite of mine over your growing season! You still had a lovely vase this week, so I’m glad you shared the last dance of what has been a beautiful array of vases for many weeks now. I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of winter you’ll be experiencing!

    • Debra, Firetail is simply amazing and I have even had a flower or two left at Christmas in mild years! I think the next week or two will be typical for November – grey and damp. It would be nice to have the occasional clear and sunny day mixed in…. I can hope!

  10. Gosh, so many lovely colours and shapes in your vase this week, Cathy. Really eye-catching and beautiful. Many of Donna Summer’s tracks still sound great today!

  11. Cathy I love your farewell bouquet from Autumn “Last Dance”. It’s a song that I love about Donna Sammer, thanks for putting it. Going back to the flowers. The Red Dragon Persicaria is beautiful like the Firetail. La Molina logifolia I did not know but I love it. Buddleia weyeriana “Sunngold” did not know her either and her yellow mustard color is beautiful, as precious is the purple of the normal Buddleia. It’s a beautiful bouquet Cathy. Greetings from Margarita.

  12. Sometimes the challenge of something new (like the square vase) propels you in new directions. That wonderful collection of plant life fairly explodes from the vase.

  13. A delightful last dance, Cathy. Thanks so much for sharing! The Persicaria, buddleias and Molinia are delicious. All delightfully late summerish for a dismal November!.

    • The buddleias really do bring back memories of summer… seems a long time before they will be flowering again. Still, lots to come in between I hope!

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