12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Stormy skies

  1. Hope your garden received some good rain. A cold front with thunderstorms just rolled through here– I wish they dropped more rain, but it served to clear the air of pollen, at least.

    • Eliza, we have had so much rain this spring I wish I could send you some! I think it has rained a bit every day for about three weeks and I have got wet many times in the sudden showers, then baked in the sun or whipped by the wind to dry me out! 😉 The last couple of days of constant rain defeated me, but it looks like kinder weather is on the way at last! ☀️😎

      • The extreme weather all over the world is a case of feast or famine, it seems. We were thrilled to get 3/8″ last night. Washed the pollen away and freshened things up. More showers are in the forecast, which will be welcome.

  2. It might be the effect of living in Lancashire, but when I look at that sky it seems like quite a nice day! I wish I could read the clouds. I got a book from the library about them but it is not really helping all that much, other than it sends me to sleep very quickly!

    • It was nice when I took that photo actually…. for about five minutes. 🤪 Then the next black clouds rolled through with heavy showers, thunder, even hail! And such a gusty wind! Forecast looks better though at last! 😃 Reading the clouds would be good, but probably no more reliable than our (rather unreliable) weather app recently! LOL!

  3. Stormy but beautiful. 🙂 I love seeing your ornamental grasses.
    I’ve tried leaving comments several times lately but they never seem to go through–I wanted to send you a link to my post two weeks ago explaining our move. Possibly WP doesn’t like my link; I’m really not sure what is going on!

    • Thanks Amy. I often have to reenter various passowrds when leaving comments on blogs and often it just doesn’t work! I am not technically minded, so just toddle on as best I can. WordPress keeps changing things too! Anyway, I have got up-to-date with your plans on your newest posts and hope the move is going/has gone well and that the your internet connection at the new place will be good too! All the best! 😃

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