A Week of Flowers 2021, Day Three

The past few mornings have been very dark and I am looking forward to seeing what my blogging friends will post today to link in to the third day of my Week of Flowers. 😃 A big thank you to you all. This is so positive and so enjoyable! But also a big thank you to all of you who are reading and liking these posts. 🤗

Sidalcea malviflora ‘Elsie Heugh’

If you are here for the first time, do take a look at Day One and Day Two, and click on the links in the comments to see even more colour and light. And why not join in – just post a photo of a flower (or a few flowers) one day or on each day through to December 7th and leave a link below in the comments.

Today I am focussing on pink and purple. The pretty Sidalcea above is absolutely exquisite. One of those flowers that lasts well and fades beautifully.

The Achillea is a gorgeous shade of pinky red and is a real highlight on the back of the Butterfly Bed. It flowered on and off all summer. The Phlox was a revelation… the first time I have successfully grown it! I was always convinced it would get mildew, but it didn’t and flowered for weeks. The Hellebore is the most amazing one I have ever grown. If you come across the Ice ‘n’ Roses collection I can recommend them. 😃 And the blue/purple Campanula is one my friend Elisabeth gave me years ago, or perhaps a seedling of the original, brought over from my old garden.

I hope you have a beautiful day. 🦋

36 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers 2021, Day Three

    • It took a few attempts to find the right spot for this one…. it seems to like a bit of space around it and a baking hot position! Definitely recommendable though and I have already had to divide it after just two years. 😃

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  2. That sidalcea is, indeed, a beauty Cathy! And thank’s for your ‘Ice n’ Roses’ recommendation. When my husband was working in Britain – and we could still import plants from there!!! – I remember long conversations with him over his mobile while he trawled the local garden centre looking for hellebores. I kept saying ‘no’ to the ‘Ice n’ Roses’ – I thought that was not at all what I wanted. He did come home with 5 lovely plants – but looking at your gorgeous hellebore I wish I hadn’t been such a stick-in-the-mud! A lovely selection for today – thank you!

    • I also usually shy away from the new hybrids that are ‘branded’, having had bad luck with all sorts of fancy Echinaceas, Hellebores and Achilleas. But this hellebore series really is worth it. I have the red, this pink and a paler one too and they withstand both the heat and the cold and flower fairly early too. I must go and check if there are buds on this one yet! 😃

    • Hi Susie. The Sidalcea doesn’t need staking…. it is really robust and not as tall as other members of the mallow family. About 1 metre at most. It is worth persevering with the Campanula as they do tend to grow only where they WANT to! But once you have one, they should return as they set seed easily. 😃

  3. I don’t have much luck with Achillea except for the wild white yarrow. The cultivars just die on me! Though reading the comments I see that you struggled to find the right spot. I think my soil is just too rich for them, the wild one grows virtually out of a crack in the rocks. I like your last photo. That is the style of planting I love.

    • Thank you Jude! I used to say the same about achilleas, having failed with the terracotta shades. I had a rather brash yellow one in my last garden that I couldn’t get rid of though! I dug it out and must have left a tiny bit of root in and it grew back bigger than ever! The wild white ones are everywhere in our grass here and probably the worst weed in my beds, along with the clover…. 😉

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  8. Hi Cathy, what a lovely idea. I’d misunderstood the message and thought we were supposed to post pictures of flowers of the moment. Not much to offer in this damp bleak month of December ! I really love that sidalcea and the helleborus and have have jotted down their names. I love the way your campanula clumps. Mine self-seed a lot but seem to be more scattered and not always in the right place !

    • Hi Judith. Yes, the campanula always set itself in the path in my last garden! You will love the Sidalcea. It goes so well with grasses. 😃 The Week of Flowers is intended to compensate for precisely that lack of flowers and colour in our gardens in winter. It raises my spirits to be reminded of all that is going to come round again next year! 😃

  9. Oh I will look out for that beautiful hellebore Cathy. Have heard of it before now but have not seen it in the flesh. Your campanula must have been a most welcome gift from your friend.

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