In a Vase on Monday: Dancing

The mosquitoes are dancing like mad at the moment, as are we it seems when fighting them off! But the grasses and taller plants in my garden are dancing too, as the warm and damp weather suits them just fine.

My vase for Cathy’s meme (Rambling in the Garden) today is courtesy of my sister, who is staying with me for a holiday. She braved the biting insects (with the assistance of Autan insect repellent!) to pick some dancing flowers and arrange them on the patio. Once the photos were done we both came indoors and closed the doors again!


Here is a list of the “ingredients”:

Linaria purpurea, Foeniculum vulgare (Fennel), Centranthus ruber, Lysimachia, Erigeron (Fleabane), Heuchera, Crown Vetch, Calamagrostis varia, some sycamore foliage and a single pink Antirrhinum (Snapdragon).

Hope you all have a happy and mosquito-free Monday!