In a Vase on Monday: Remembering Summer

A mild and dry day today meant I could finally get my last planting finished… got all my bulbs in! 😜 And my new Moon Bed is ready for its layer of wood chippings as soon as the ground dries up a bit. (I’ll show a picture of that when it’s complete). I also tidied up some bedraggled and mildewy plants and picked a few blooms for a vase…

Now doesn’t that remind you of summer?!

(Big sigh)

I used the round vase my sister gave many moons ago… I always think of using this vase when we have a full moon, especially a blue moon. 😉

I didn’t have many blue flowers for a blue moon theme, but my white Aster ‘Schneetanne’ was a good start, Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’ also has moon-like qualities, and the blue Scabiosa does actually look blue in a certain light, but I’d say mauve is more accurate to describe it.

The pink at the back is my first pink Chrysanthemum to open… they do add some summery colour late in the season. A purply pink one is also nearly open, so it might appear in a vase next week!

I also added some catmint and red Polygonum spikes. It is a lovely ground cover variety, Polygonum affine  ‘Darjeeling Red’, which flowers all summer and autumn and has pretty foliage too.

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Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme. It is such a lovely way to record what is in the garden and connect with other gardens across the world.

As many of us in Europe enter a new phase of lockdowns to varying degrees, I hope you have something good to read or a few projects to keep your spirits up. My thoughts are with you all.

Good luck!