In a Vase on Monday: November Already?!

Yesterday, the last day of October, was gorgeous…. a perfect blue sky, no wind and warm sunshine (16°C), making us wish for more. Sadly this was probably the last such day this year, with cold wet weather forecast for the coming week.

(Big sigh)

But I took the opportunity to pick some of the last asters and a few of my lovely pink Chrysanths for a vase to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden this week.

(Look at that blue sky!)

The dainty vase was a recent gift from my Mum. 💕

I started off with the pink Chrysanths. They have very pretty small flowers, which makes them very robust against frost, wind and rain (all of which we had in October) and they smell lovely too.

I added some silver foliage (can never remember the name of it) and should have stopped there, but then I just couldn’t resist cutting some of the remaining asters, even though they are past their best. 🤪

The asters are ‘September Ruby’, ‘Barr’s Blue’ and the tiny Aster erocoides ‘Schneetanne’, and the larger white flowers are Boltonia asteroides ‘Snowbank’.

Since I love my grasses so much I popped in a few spikes of Pennisetum and Miscanthus at the end too. The vase is crammed full and I will have to check the water twice a day!

An update on the garden is coming soon. In the meantime, have a great start to the week and happy gardening. 😃


26 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: November Already?!

  1. The asters look great to my eyes, Cathy! Your mother’s gift vase fits the plant material perfectly. The gray foliage looks like what is commonly called dusty miller here (Senecio cineraria).

  2. Your header photo (presumably an overhead view of the vase) is stunning, Cathy! What an array of coloured daisies – you are forgiven for stuffing so much in your lovely vase!

  3. We had the same blue sky over NH USA today but with a recent frost the garden beauties took a hit so as I yanked and pulled and cleaned raised beds I came to the Strawflowers just as a Butterfly came in for a meal 🙂 I left the garden and went to work at the library where I was greeted by so many bees so we left flowers and herbs and saved all the green tomatoes we could. I took home 6 stalks of Brussels sprouts. I hate that winter is on her way and its really dark nights.

    • Sounds like you have been working too hard again Eunice. 😉 Yes, we. changed our clocks back at the weekend, so the evenings are dark now. We just have to hold on to the fact that spring will roll round again and next summer will be as wonderful as ever. Keep smiling! 🤗

      • We do ours at 2 am this Sat. night boo but I can read and do this new thing called winter sowing. We grow all kinds of things in milk jugs 🙂 Then place into the garden without having to buy starts from others. I have budgeted for fuel, electric usage and will have plenty of paint and paper and books to read. Have a wonderful weekend HUGS

  4. I love the asters, in particular, and I have always admired how you utilize your lovely grasses. They add such a soft backdrop to the blooms. You did have a gorgeous day and I hope the change in weather will simply be nourishing to you. I am just a wee bit jealous. 🙂

    • I don’t think you would like November fog, frosts and rain, with temperatures only in single digits…. would you?! 😉 It is however the time of year where my grasses stand out best as everything else shrinks back into dormancy for winter. And it is surprisingly green still. 😃

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