A Week of Flowers 2022: Day Two

It’s Day Two of my ‘Week of Flowers’, where I invite you to join me in sharing a photo (or five!😉) of flowers from your 2022 garden over a whole week. You can post just one day or each day, up to Tuesday December 6th. But do leave a link in the comments so that we can all see what you have found to share!

So many have already joined in and commented, with a few new faces too. 😆

I am going to go a bit mad today with six photos to share. 🤪First of all, my beautiful tulip ‘Texas Gold’. The different shades over the flowering period are quite outstanding…

Next up is one of the Salvias I grew in the Herb Bed this summer called ‘Icing Sugar’. And it really is a sugary pink. 😉

And finally two Echinacea flowers, the names of which escape me right now.

Thanks to all those already participating and all the lovely comments. Let’s brighten up December together!

Have a great day!


35 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers 2022: Day Two

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  4. I look forward to my tulips next spring as I always have some new ones to try out. My first entry today as yesterday was a busy blog day and I am cheating by using flowers that were in bloom during the month of November, though not from my garden, but one that is fairly local (4 miles away) and has some of the most wonderful plants.

    a week of flowers

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    • It does make you think of spring, doesn’t it! Although I enjoy the quiet winter time with other hobbies, I am already impatient for colour in the garden. 😃

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