A Week of Flowers 2021, Day Six

It is Day Six of my Week of Flowers and I am soaking up all the colour my blogging friends are sharing! Tomorrow will be the final day of this meme. So if you haven’t joined in yet, please do! Just post a photo of a flower (or two) and leave a link below. 😃

The Moon Bed, August

Today the focus is on shapes. Two seedheads of the Allium ‘Everest’ were still standing in the Moon Bed (above) in August, amongst white Gaura, Cosmos and Nicotiana. The purple Alliums (below) didn’t last as long after flowering, but were perhaps more dramatic and visible while in flower.

Verbena has spread all over the garden now, and I really love the shape and height it adds. I leave it standing until it collapses in the frost or snow.. Then there is the Echinops ‘Veitch’s Blue’. It isn’t really blue, but near enough. Love those spiky flower heads. 😉 I tried perennial sweet peas on the obelisks this year, and they did really well, climbing almost to the top of the tallest one. Certainly pretty flowers, but I love the long tendrils and seedpods too. 💕

Thanks to all those who have joined in again today, and to all my other readers too. 🤗

31 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers 2021, Day Six

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    • I’m falling behind too Susie! LOL! The Moon Bed was not quite as I had planned or expected, but more than I could have wished for, if that makes sense. 😃

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  4. Perennial sweet peas is a great idea to take away. I’ve not yet grown them in this garden, but in a previous garden I’d had them very effectively hiding a bin area. Alliums make such lovely dried flowers, but you are right that many of them are less durable than you’d hope in the borders themselves. A. christophii seems to have a fair amount of sticking power, may be because it is shorter?

    Here is my Day 6 contibution: https://wp.me/pM8Y1-8tV

    • Thanks for the tip on A. christophii. I will have to try them some time – perhaps next autumn. I planted more Allium ‘Millenium’ this autumn, as they also last a long time, both in flower and as seedheads.

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    • 😃 The allium were about 15cm in diameter (one was a bit bigger, one a bit smaller) but they grew quite tall (and very sturdy) so hardly took up any space at all. The leaves on mine all go brown very quickly, so I snip them off until surrounding plants hide them. Happy planting! (Hope it’s warmer where you are!)

    • I think that must be the feathery cosmos foliage you can see. I had ‘Fizzy White’ cosmos and some of the plants got incredibly tall. I also had white Cleome in there…. my seed took ages to germinate, but did in the end. Did you have any luck with it?

    • Thank you Kris. 😃 We had some wonderful evening skies from July onwards, with frequent storms passing through. So atmospheric with the white flowers and silvery foliage.

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