In a Vase on Monday: Pink and Perky

With heavy rainshowers and high winds I again wondered what I would find today when I ventured out, armed with secateurs and gloves, to pick some flowers for my Vase on Monday. Cathy hosts this meme at Rambling in the Garden, and you should hop over to visit her and see her lovely vase for this week, as well as some links to other Monday vases too.

The first flower to jump into my line of vision was a pink dahlia (supposedly ‘Chocolate and Candy’ but not at all like the picture on the packaging!). The pink theme was then set in my mind and various pink flowers and foliage followed…


Lovely bursts of sunshine between today’s thundery, blustery showers allowed me to photograph the vase at the window.

Here’s the dahlia close up… the petals a little past their best, but the centre is such a lovely rich chocolate colour (and the leaves are too).


I added a cluster of some of the last zinnias…


Then of course there is sedum and some bright pink asters (Aster novae-angliae ‘Andenken an Alma Pötschke’)


Some Japanese blood grass ‘Red Baron’ and a bit of peony foliage added to the pink theme, along with a couple of Fairy roses, some Centranthus ruber and a large sprig of my pink-stemmed Aruncus dioicus seed heads.


This pink vase certainly “perked” me up on this chilly autumn afternoon.


Is there anything pink in your garden at the moment?


42 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Pink and Perky

  1. Your weather is changing fast while we seem to be slipping back into summer. This might be my favourite of all the vases you’ve done and there have been lots of lovely ones. I have lots of pink Cosmos and some Asters.

    • Glad you like this one Christina. The pinks are warming and I am so glad I picked them before it rained again! Tonight’s forecast is a low night time temperature of 4 degrees. Brrr!
      I think I will have to grow pink and white cosmos next year too.

  2. I can see why this vase perked you up…pink is too bright and cheerful in the garden not to smile…here the cold winds are blowing so my marigolds are warming me up today. I love the variety of blooms you chose Cathy especially the deep pink of the asters and zinnias.

  3. What a lot of lovely pinks, Cathy – and what a good idea to include peony foliage! Do you think you will always find something in your garden to make you feel perky? Blogging certainly helps in this process.

    • I can usually find something to cheer me when I look out, even on a dull day. Just hope we have a mild winter again or December and January vases could be tricky… 😉 I agree – blogging helped tremendously two winters back when we had a really long, hard and very grey winter. Have a good week Cathy!

  4. This is so lovely Cathy, I love pink bouquets and your selection all tone beautifully. I haven’t very much that is pink, except roses and sedums at this time of year, I like your asters.

  5. Such a pretty and cheerful gathering of flowers, I particularly liked the dahlia and asters. I have a few pink blooms in the garden, Japanese anemones, cosmos, sedum and the very last of the sweet peas.

  6. Cathy, you’ve created a pretty pink wonder. Very nice design and great flowers still filling your garden I see. The dahlia is nice and I like that zinnia a lot. I have a lot of pink zinnias but not the same shape.

  7. Such a lovely combination of textures and shades of pink! Definitely an autumn pick-me-up! 🙂 I have a couple of sedums with pink flowers still hanging on in the garden, but most of my plants were hit pretty hard by the snow and frost we had earlier in the month and there isn’t much blooming now.

    Hope you have a wonderful week and the sunshine returns for you!

    • Thanky Sheryl! We are still waiting for the warmer weather to return, but at least we haven’t had any snow or frost yet. The sedums are pretty resilient aren’t they! Hope you have a great week too!

  8. Pink is one of my favourite colours. In my mom´s garden are flowering right now pink asters, dahlias, geranium, sedum, roses, and still cosmos, phlox, strawberries. It´s a symphony in pink.

    • Alma was one of the very few plants I watered a few times when it was very dry. I love the strong colour that really stands out against my Japanese acer. 🙂

  9. Such a lovely pink collection Cathy – I really love pink and have quite a few pink dahlias in flower. Also sedum, a few roses and lots of pink zinnias. When my chrysanthemums start to flower there should be a few more pinks to enjoy.

  10. Love it. I’m not the biggest fan of sedums in arrangements but your mix carries it well. Love the aster. I saw a spindly one for sale this weekend and considered it but now am second guessing me decision to leave it behind!

  11. Hi Cathy, those pinks are wonderful! I especially love the brightness of the aster. Beautiful arrangement. Pinks: I still have some roses hanging on, and my Japanese Anemone, Sedum, asters, geraniums. I am quite a pink coloured gardener 🙂

  12. 🙂 I don’t have a garden. My brother and sister do… vegetables.

    I would give ANYTHING for a garden. That’s why I like looking at your photos… 🙂 it’s a vicarious pleasure.

    • Hi there Dorris. Yes, I grew them from seed – a Thompson and Morgan mix called “Profusion”. They took ages to get going, but actually turned out to be quite nice late summer flowers. I might grow them again, but am not really convinced still!

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