In a Vase on Monday: Short and Sweet

A very short post this Monday, as I share a vase with flowers from my garden for the weekly meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.


Short and sweet, refers not only to my post (time has got the better of me today), but also to the flowers – the Narcissi smell gorgeous and the stems of all the other flowers I picked (except the Snowflakes) are rather short!

Cowslips, Narcissus Thalia, Summer Snowflake, Pulsatilla, Anemone Coronaria, Corydalis cheilanthifolia (the yellow flower at the back), blue and white ‘Forget-me-nots’ (actually Brunnera), and blue and white Muscari.


Actually picked on Saturday, as a table decoration, but photographed today.


Have a lovely week everyone!

57 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Short and Sweet

  1. Oh the color! A vase full of spring! It rained again here in California and our yard is bursting with growth. I can’t wait for all the spring blooms!

  2. I do love the shape of this vase, Cathy, with the flared top – and what a varied selection of spring blooms you have popped into it! Do you find white muscari hard to establish? I have tried several times but with almost no success

    • Thank you Donna. I am in the UK at the moment and the weather seems to be changing every hour of the day – snow flurries, warm sunshine, rain and sleet showers…. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. Such a lovely vase of spring – thank you for finding time to share it Cathy. Have a good week – hopefully with some perfect gardening weather.

    • Hi Julie. I am hoping for a couple of dry days this week to plant a clematis for my Mum… I am visiting briefly in the UK and we have had quite a lot of rain the past two nights.

  4. Lovely blend of colors, Cathy, the Pulsatilla is an unusual color and contrasts so nicely with the black center. I love Thalia and the white Leucojums with the white vase, and the delicate blues.

  5. A most colourful spring table decoration Cathy. I think that ‘Thalia’ is possibly my favourite daffodil. Wondering now why my white muscari didn’t flower this year. Hope that you have a good week.

    • Cathy also mentioned her white Muscari don’t reappear. This is the first year for mine, so time will tell! I agree, Thalia is a magical daffodil and I am tending towards more pale cream and white daffodils in future.

  6. The flowers held up nicely from Saturday, Cathy. It’s a very sweet little arrangement with so much variety and beautiful bright colors! I hope you have a good week, too, my friend!

    • I can really recommend Thalia. It doesn’t grow too tall and hang down in wet weather like some daffodils, and has a couple of flowers per stem too. And it smells lovely!

    • That is such a lovely comment Annette – thank you! 🙂 I am away in the UK this week and expect to be bowled over by the shades of green when I return!

      • have a good time, Cathy, and I suppose hubby is in control of the emerald lawn…it grows so fast these days, think you can really see it grow 😉

  7. Such an appealing and colourful combination of little spring flowers! It opens my heart and brightens these rainy days…Have a happy weekend, Cathy!

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