A Week of Flowers Day Four, 25th November 2020

At the beginning of the week I asked my blogging friends to join me in posting a flower (or several flowers) a day from our 2020 gardens. The idea was to disperse the blues and the depressing news that is affecting is all, although we are miles apart. The response has been fantastic and I think this has given us all a little boost. So let’s continue with A Week of Flowers Day Four! Today I am going back to spring. 🌷🌷🌷


Thank you everyone for reading, liking, commenting, joining in and for being there. You are all appreciated so very much. xx

37 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers Day Four, 25th November 2020

    • Thank you Allison. Your tulips do really make a difference, as have all the other contributions over the last few days. So glad you have joined in. Have a lovely Wednesday!

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  3. I love parrot tulips – I wish the rodents would allow me to grow them! So nice to see spring flowers, definitely something to look forward to. I just the other day covered up my hellebores to protect their buds from our harsh winter, which would ruin them… Like putting little heads to bed! https://wp.me/p3O3z4-2E6

    • My hellebores froze back completely one year and didn’t flower at all, but such a long cold spell is thankfully not every year here. I am growing my parrot tulips in pots again this year… hope that keeps the mice at bay!

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    • Annette, this has helped brighten my days and has kept me busy too as a welcome distraction! I have three hellebores with flowers and this one in the photo has big buds… I have also had some primroses in flower! πŸ˜‰

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    • It is good to hear your hellebores are well cared for and prepared for winter. πŸ˜‰ They are such wonderful plants in the winter months here – they simply stand up again as soon as it is above freezing!

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