In a Vase on Sunday: A Happy Bunch

 A mixed bunch of sunny flowers and grasses seemed just right today, as I try and hang on to summer and bring lots of summery and late summer flowers indoors. And it turned out to be such a happy vaseful of sunshine that I decided to dedicate it to all those who don’t have any sunshine or flowers today, and also to my friend Elisabeth, whose old doggie crossed the rainbow bridge to doggie heaven recently. I hope this will brighten her day too.


The sunflowers and Tithonia are still producing flowers, despite chilly nights. The Asters have started showing their shiny faces and sparkle in the morning dew. We have rosehips galore (as well as loads of other berries, which may feature in another vase soon). All my Miscanthus are now in full swing, and a few late Larkspur, Cosmos, Geraniums, Scabiosa and Knautia also made it into the vase. And see that blue sky again? 😃😃😃

Thanks as always to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who hosts this meme.

Wishing you all a sunny week!

37 thoughts on “In a Vase on Sunday: A Happy Bunch

  1. What a gloriously bright vase, Cathy, and I am sure your friend will be cheered by seeing them. I must try tithonia again, but have had no success on previous attempts

    • I wonder how Tithonia would do in your climate? It thrived on all the rain we had this year and got loads of sunshine too. Maybe worth a try, as the bees and butterflies love it. 😃

  2. So glad you are getting sunshine and blue skies, Cathy! Your vase does illustrate them beautifully. And the flowers look very pleased with the weather too. 😉

    • It is wonderful when the sun shines in September as the heat and humidity is lower and I can almost hear my garden sighing in relief as it gives its all before autumn!

    • Oh yes, I do hope so! Our first frosts are usually light, and many flowers are unscathed by it, but autumn is in the air and we are down to 7 or 8°C at night now.

  3. Wow! That really is a happy bunch. What a fantastic splash of colour, really zinging! That’s with a ‘z’ not an ‘s’!! But singing too – of late summer and early autumn – just lovely! Amanda

  4. I love the wonderful and joyful colors of the flowers in your vase and I love all the flowers and berries – they are divine. Your friend will be happy when looking at your vase and the loss of her dog that will already be in the heaven of dogs, will be more bearable. Cathy, may the blue sky and the good temperature last you throughout the month of September so that your garden continues to bear such fabulous flowers. Have a wonderful week. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita.

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