Genuine Blogger Award

Jymiely from Littlefurrow gave me this wonderful award last week. Thank you so much Jymiely!

Jymiely, from the Philippines, loves writing and if you take a look at her blog you will see that she has a very special way of expressing herself. Keep writing Jymiely!

I decided to find out where the Genuine Blogger Award originated, as there are no rules attached… If you’d like to read about it, have a look here.

I would, however, like to pass this award on to someone. I have chosen a blogger in Finland who I discovered after she visited my blog only recently:



A Leaf in Springtime

Sharon’s nature photography is fantastic and she captures the light so perfectly in each of her photos. Her writing is also exquisite, wise and moving. Above all it is such a positive blogsite, full of goodness and beauty…

And it is “Genuine“.

Thus, the Genuine Blogger Award!

I love your blog Sharon, and look forward to many new and inspiring posts!

And thank you once again to Jymiely!