Good Things

The good things in life right now, in no particular order, are:

My garden, strawberries, poppies, dogs, favourite people, peonies, sunshine, Karel Capek’s book “The Gardener’s Year”, and blogging!

I am so lucky to have such accommodating plants in my rockery that flower every year without fail, attracting wonderful wildlife and giving bursts of colour just when needed.

And I’m so lucky to be nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Gina from Professions for PEACE !

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thanks Gina!

Gina’s blog offers inspiring thoughts on making life more fulfilling, living each moment to the full… and she’s a gardener too!


All I need to do now is:

~Thank the person who nominated me and link back to them

~Nominate 7, 6, or fewer blogs that I enjoy

~Post a comment on each of these nominees’ blogs with a link to my page for the details

~Paste the Award image somewhere on my blog, if I wish

~And, continue blogging!

Since I don’t follow so many blogs I will just nominate three outstanding ones that I have followed now for some time, and stress that accepting this award is purely a matter of choice – there is absolutely no obligation! (I know some bloggers are put off by the rules.)

  • One of the most beautiful blogs I follow is Strawberryindigo. Her prose and photography are wonderful and her inner beauty shines through.
  • The first blog I ever followed was The Iris and the Lily. Bonnie’s garden is in many ways like mine, although we live miles apart! And her photography is absolutely beautiful, examining plants and nature from a different angle.
  • My other favourite is The Teacup Chronicles. Danielle’s blog is beautiful and magical. Her photos, recipes and her style of writing calm and inspire me.

Thank you all three of you for your beautiful posts!


I hope some of you will take a few moments to look at their blogs, and share their love of nature.

Have a lovely day everyone!