Ridiculously Simple Vanilla Ice Cream

This is SO simple, and SO delicious, and you don’t even need an ice cream maker. I have in fact got one, but forgot to put the bowl in the freezer, so I just put the mix in as is, and it turned out perfect!

Vanilla Ice Cream

Gently warm 200ml cream and put the beans of two vanilla pods in. Add the pods too, and 1tsp vanilla extract. Cover the pan, take off the heat, and steep for an hour. Then discard the pods and lightly whisk in 25oml sweetened condensed milk. Chill in refrigerator and transfer to the freezer when cold enough. I took mine out after a couple of hours and stirred it a few times then returned it to the freezer until completely frozen.

This ice cream is creamy, easy to scoop, and melts divinely in the mouth!