And They Called It…Poppy Love

Poppy Love

In the autumn of 2006 about a dozen home-grown poppy seedlings were carefully planted into an almost bare rockery. The following year they all flowered! (I’m always surprised when things survive a cold winter, snails and slugs, mice, etc!)

Rockery, May 2007

Since then they have become a well-established feature throughout the garden. Reliably hardy plants are so welcome in my garden… especially drought-resistant ones!

Rockery, May 2012

The bees love them…

I wish I could shrink to the size of an insect for a day, just to see things from their angle… Imagine climbing into a huge orange-red armchair with a purple cushion in the middle!

And the last two years I have also had pink ones, which are very effective planted near chives or irises, and are also pretty tough.

This year I will have to divide some of them again… anyone for poppies?!