Shades of Spring, Part Two

At the end of April I posted Shades of Spring; some pictures of the tulips I had enjoyed in my garden in early spring.

Now a look at my mid to late spring tulips

May brought to my garden some lovely tulips, both delicate and dramatic…

Tulipa humilis “Little Beauty”


A fabulous parrot tulip…

Tulipa ‘Estella Rijnveld’

Tulipa ‘Estella Rijnveld’ from above


Delicate hues of pink and yellow…

Tulip Angelique

Pink Tulip (name lost and forgotten!)


And fiery oranges…

Flaming Tulip (real name also lost!)

I managed to put a name to so many, as a future record, but sadly not all.

My favourite this year was definitely the parrot tulip… so cheeky and fun! I think I may put in a few more in different colours this autumn.

Any recommendations?

Do you have a favourite tulip in your garden?