Thursday’s Feature: Veronica

A hazy mass of true blue…


The Veronica that flowers in my garden was here when we moved in, so I am not sure what kind it is. Possibly V. gentianoide or V. teucrium, but there are so many different species it is hard to tell. In any case it has taken over the top border again, which is fine by me as the Lavender will be blooming to replace it by the time I have to cut this down.


It grows to about 40-50 cm and starts flowering at the end of May. I always cut it right back after flowering, as it then quickly produces new growth as ground cover and occasionally the odd second flower too.


It is extremely resilient, coping with drought and intense heat without wilting at all, and the coldest of winters do not affect its growth either.

I love using it in vases…

Today I am linking in to Cosmos and Cleome for Kimberley’s meme “Thursday’s Feature”. Kimberley has also chosen a very pretty flower to feature this week, so do take a look!


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