Rose ‘Alcantara’

I repeatedly claim not to be a ‘rose’ sort of person. I appreciate them in other people’s gardens, especially the scented ones, but deadheading them is so tedious and they do tend to get greenfly, or black spot, or something. Having said that, I do have a few in my garden, one of which is a real beauty and I would not want to be without it: Rose Alcantara…

It domintaes the south-facing rockery in June, and when the Perovskia behind it also starts flowering this place is buzzing!

Rose ‘Alcantara’ seems to love being sun-baked at the top of this well-drained incline. This ground cover rose will continue flowering on and off throughout the summer, and I have never seen greenfly on it. It has survived our driest summers and coldest winters. It really deserves a prize. I would certainly recommend this to anyone with a hot, dry slope!

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Are you a ‘rose’ sort of person?

41 thoughts on “Rose ‘Alcantara’

  1. I am not a rose person either. Like you I do have a few stalwarts that thumb their noses at blights, bugs, and drought.
    Your rose is a beautiful red.

    • Someone once told me white roses look ‘dirty’ when they fade, and I haven’t dared try one since. Your white climber is a beauty though.

  2. I wasn’t a rose person but I think I am becoming one, especially after seeing the roses at Sissinghurst. I have a climber with single, pretty orange flowers – it is undemanding and beautiful. Your ‘Alcantara’ is gorgeous; I’ll look out for it.

  3. No I’m not really a rose person although like you I do appreciate them where they grow well. In my very unsuitable soil for roses the Chinese varieties do best and rosa banksia thrives almost anywhere.

    • Oh yes, I think it is the banksia rose that doesn’t have thorns. Is that right? I often think my soil and climate determines what I like and don’t like… if something doesn’t thrive and looks sickly here then I automatically put it in the ‘don’t like’ category, but if I see it somewhere else where it is happy I would probably love it!

    • I know you have gorgeous roses Chloris, but they would probably struggle in my garden so perhaps that is why I don’t consider myself a rose person!

  4. Cathy, your rose ” Alcantara” is such a natural one as I love most – with unfilled blooms and a very beautiful colour. Yes, I do love roses, especially if they are a remembrance on a beloved person …

  5. I’m not a rose person either, Cathy. We had half a dozen growing along the fence when we bought our house 21 years ago, and several more in the front garden. I’m down to one rose now: a miniature yellow one that I received as a gift. They do smell wonderful, but they have all the problems you mention, and are known to spear you with thorns, too. This is a lovely specimen and I’m glad it is happy in your garden. (With apologies to all the roses out there; you’re completely lovable, just not my cup of tea).

  6. Your rose is beautiful, I can see why you like it so much. Yes, I love roses, the best at the moment are the two that are growing to the tops of my huge trees, they are fantastic at the moment.

    • I remember seeing your climbing roses in previous years Pauline. They must be a joy to see. Like I say, roses in other people’s gardens always look good!

  7. I’m not really a shrubby rose person, but this one is a beauty and I can see why the bees love it. I prefer reckless ramblers, dog roses and, especially, those with hips – saves the bother of dead heading!

    • Ones with hips are lovely of course, but do tend to be incredibly prickly, which is another reason I am not keen on planting more. I have enough thorns in my garden for now! LOL!

  8. I love roses, though I am not a stand and prune and spray person. Roses though have a harmonic HZ that sync with the heart harmonic, hence is a big heart healer (esp Rose Otto Oils) and is traditionally the flower of love.

  9. I have a lot of negative feelings towards roses, I tend to get impaled on them when weeding. However, like you, I find there are some I can’t ignore. Alcantara is a new one for me but it is a beautiful colour and I do like sturdy plants. Amelia

    • I know what you mean about the thorns Amelia. Only yesterday I got a huge scratch from one while tidying up a bit. Too warm to wear long sleeves too!

  10. It’s a beauty! If roses weren’t so fussy and were thornless, I’d like them better. I have a ‘New Dawn’ rose and some red and pink ones that were here when I moved in, but I curse when I have to deal with them and come away sliced to shreds!

  11. Yes, I am a rose sort of person, and I have a hot, dry slope! You’ve done more than plant a rose; you’ve planted an idea! That is a pretty rose, and it must make for an absolutely gorgeous scene when the Russian Sage blooms with it!

  12. Your rose is wonderful! I am unescapeably a rose person, but having tried a lot of roses that weren’t good growers, I think I’m gaining more appreciation for those like this one! I can just imagine listening to it full of bees…

    • It isn’t scented, but being fairly low-growing I think that doesn’t matter. It’s the colour and sheer mass of flowers all summer that makes me love it! πŸ™‚

  13. That looks stunningly good Cathy. I love roses but they do need dead heading and it took me over an hour to do mind before I came away. Yet I would not be without them. They have so much to offer.

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