Enchanting Larkspur

I treated myself to an advent calendar last December that contained a packet of seeds for each day. It was so lovely opening it up each day in the semi-darkness of December mornings. πŸ˜„

One of the seed packets was a Delphinium consolida mix (also called Consolida regalis); Common field larkspur. Never having grown it before it was exciting to see the teeny weeny seedlings grow into tall strong plants, which I then planted out into the Moon Bed, hoping they would be blue and white.

The Moon Bed

Well, last week they started to open….

And most of them are blue. 😁 (Well, purplish blue). They are really tall and have had a beating in our storms, but they are still standing.

I love them!


There are two shades of pink too, which are also really pretty. This peachy pink…

And a lilacy shade of pink…

I will probably use them in vases. No white ones so far, but I shall definitely be putting white larkspur on my seed list for next year. I am rather envious of the white ones Frank at Sorta Suburbia has drifting romantically through his Potager. πŸ˜‰

Have you ever grown Larkspur or do you see it in the wild where you live?


26 thoughts on “Enchanting Larkspur

  1. Larkspur happened to be one of the first flowers I planted in the garden. It now self-seeds every year. I do give it a help and collect the seeds of pale coloured ones as I found the dark blue started to predominate and I love to have all the different shades. I have never see any growing wild. Amelia

    • That is encouraging to hear they have selfseeded. I would love to see them growing wild. We have a few wild foxgloves in the woods nearby, but no larkspur.

  2. If I had all that sun to grow things in I would try Larkspur. I have never grown it. I love the feathery leaves and beautiful blooms. In my garden they might grow but they would lean and have to be staked etc. I avoid that as much as possible even when I see tall beautiful flowers such as these.

  3. Thanks for sharing the garden vistas too, Cathy, I really appreciate that as they show the progress you’ve made. It looks absolutely fab and so green and lush too πŸ™‚ Mind you same here, with all the rain it’s been a very relaxing summer so far for me. Consolida is being grown a lot around here as it’s so easy and drought-tolerant. It reseeds happily and maybe you get different colours next year.

  4. What a great idea for an advent card. I have grown larkspur but not recently. This year I’m growing delphiniums because I got a free packet of seed, although larkspur would have been better for the scale of my garden.

  5. I love your Moon Bed, it is a beauty with so many flowers and greenery. I love the Larkspur, the flowers are divine and the colors are fabulous, both blue, pink and dark lilac: I really like that they are so tall and so beautiful. Hopefully they self-seed every year. Take care. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita πŸ€—πŸŒΊπŸ™πŸŒΈ

  6. Both are fabulously intense colours Cathy and your larkspurs make mine look positively puny in comparison πŸ˜‚ I always find it difficult to get larkspurs to germinate but put them in the freezer this time for a couple of weeks prior to sowing which helped although I still didn’t end up with that many plants. I’m going to sow some more seeds in September.

    • I sowed mine outdoors (in the cold frame) in February and just left them there. I suppose our very cold spell helped. They took some weeks to germinate but then the seedlings grew at an amazing pace! πŸ˜ƒ

  7. Very pretty, Cathy. I love larkspur, but between rabbits, deer and fungus, I’ve had almost zero luck growing it. I’m surprised your rabbits haven’t found it and I hope they never do!

  8. I have had Larkspur in my garden but I’ve never grown it from seed. I’ve purchased the plants already well established. They aren’t long lasting in our climate, but I just love them. Yours are fabulous and I can imagine what a reward they must be after starting from seed. I must say that the calendar you describe sounds just fabulous. What fun!

    • We can only grow them as an annual and I don’t know if they are offered in garden centres as plants. A trip to a nursery in your part of the world would be mind-blowing for me I expect! 😁 But mine should spread by seed. πŸ˜ƒ

  9. Gosh, that’s a very different sort of Advent calendar! Did you have any trouble germinating these? I have finally managed to grow some to flowering stage, but I had to put the seeds in the freezer first

    • They were easy to grow for me. I sowed them outdoors in large pots in the cold frame in February. We had a few very cold nights (-13Β°C and lower) so that probably helped. Once they germinated, which did take severaly weeks, they just took off. πŸ˜ƒ

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