Flower Fields

A common sight at roadsides in our area, and many parts of Germany in fact, is this:

Pick your own flowers!

You can stop by the roadside, take one of the little knives hanging on the sign, and walk into the field to cut sunflowers or gladioli. There’s a big drum to put your money in – just 60 (Euro) cents per flower.

Some fields also have dahlias, and in the last couple of years I have also seen a field in spring with tulips and daffodils. Our local field is just down the road, and the flowers are planted/sown in stages, so there are fresh flowers from June to September!

Click on one of the images below to see the larger gallery photos…

34 thoughts on “Flower Fields

  1. Here gladiolas have to be dug up and saved over winter… It must be a backbreaking job to dig up a whole field of them and then replant them in the spring! That certainly is a labor of love!

    • Good morning Snowbirdpress. Yes, here they also have to be dug up… but they have a tractor that ploughs up the soil and they are easily picked up then. Still, it must be fairly lucrative for farmers to bother…

  2. There are lots of local Honor Stands for buying fruits and veggies, and sometimes cut flowers, but no one here would dream of letting someone walk unattended into their field to pick…What a beautiful tradition.

  3. I also like those fields, they look so lovely when one drives past. I always wonder though how the farmers can make ends meet.

  4. How absolutely lovely! I have said this before Cathy and I will probably say it again but the tourism board of Germany should pay you for all that wonderful coverage. You make me want to visit….Such a beautiful country. 🙂

    • It IS a beautiful country Strawberryindigo! I really do hope that you get to see it one day! The countryside around us is very pretty, but the mountains are simply amazing! 😀

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