Dad and some Delightful Dahlias


It’s my father’s birthday today… he loves colour in the garden, so this post should appeal to him. Colour was not hard to find in the grounds of an old English hall nearby – the focus of a visit the other day…

Gardeners were busy everywhere, and as we entered the walled garden through a large door I was bowled over by the dahlias! Such cheerful flowers!

Here are just a few – take a look and let them brighten your day too!

Click on one of the photos to see larger images in the gallery. And let me know what your favourite is!

25 thoughts on “Dad and some Delightful Dahlias

  1. Dahlias, were my husband’s favorite flower….He grew many wonderful dahlias but I think my favorite was a very deep red – it was like velvet – in a form rather like the lavendar one you have posted.

  2. Really delightful dahlias! I love them all – the bright coloured ones as well as the soft coloured.
    Each flower is a special beauty. Happy Birthday to your father!

  3. I like the choise. I prefer dahlias with long petals and I like the others for theirs colours. It is the variety what makes it interesting. Have a nice day of celebration with your family.

    • There were many more Uta, and the picture as a whole was so pretty – like you say, the variety makes it! Thanks for your good wishes, and enjoy your weekend too!

  4. My favourite is number 6. The white is so lovely. Don´t you just have to love English gardens? Happy birthday to your dad!!!

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